So how does the Megalodon(s?)'s AI and spawning work?

  • So yesterday I was solo-ing in my sloop and I was heading towards the outpost, at which point I deviated course towards a shipwreck I spotted closer to the edge of the map. While getting closer to the wreck, I heard a strange noise and I looked back to see the Megalodon behind me. It circled my ship and then went away when I got next to the shipwreck and disappeared. I thought "oh that must have been the timid Meg."
    After quickly finding a skull on the wreck and departing towards the outpost (Ancient Spire Outpost, just in case you're wondering) which was pretty close/visible from the wreck. At which point I heard a strange noise again and long and behold: the Megalodon was behind me again!
    It circled around me like before, but as it seemed to be doing a second circle, it suddenly turned and attacked me (after circling without attacking I wondered if it was the timid one again, and it that moment of doubt I didn't load the cannon on the side that it attacked me). I was knocked off the sloop and the mermaid spawned close to where the Meg was. At which point, I noticed that the Meg had almost slowed to a stop and was not following my ship, instead he was staring at me.
    So with that story, I was left with many questions about how does the Megalodon work? How does it spawn? Is it at random, near a player and then it despawns (as in disappear like when near the shipwreck)? Or is there a Megalodon in the server at all times just roaming about? If so, why did it chose to stalk me? Also, why did it leave me when I got near the shipwreck? Why did it return afterwards? Why was the first encounter passive while the second was more aggressive? I thought there was two Megs with different personalities (a "timid" one and an aggressive one) but this gave the impression that it was only one, so why did it change behavior? Or was I just unlucky to have both Megs spawn on me mere moments from each other? And why did it stop to stare at me instead of continuing to stalk my ship?
    Thank you so much for your time, for answering my questions and for reading my tale.

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  • Rare put the Megalodon in to the world as a random spawn like the Kraken after The Hungering Deep update. As for it stopping and starring at you I sorta know. P.S. Nice profile pic, I also love Transformers 👍

  • @malachai-prime said in So how does the Megalodon(s?)'s AI and spawning work?:
    P.S. Nice profile pic, I also love Transformers 👍

  • seems like they had new actions to the meg, lick waiting to pounce on his prey doing circles around ur bout with out the musci that alerts u, i really like it, i prefer figth vs meg than kraken in this days, so much funny, and seems like a better ia than the kraken, matbe in next pdates they will be add more actions to the kraken too

  • I encounter the megalodon a lot it seems. With that said, they turn away whenever you get close to rocks, when you get the island name notification, and when you get near a shipwreck.

    In our experience the meg will follow us to where we are going and the turn away. We will do what went to the island for and then when we get far enough away from the island a different meg will show up and start circling us. One night we had 4 megs to keep popping up after every island we went to. The 3rd one was the aggressive meg that bit the back of our ship before we got within island range for it to turn and swim away.

    Last night we had one follow us to a fort where we were getting gunpowder barrels and it turned away as we got the island name notification. But it was still swimming around like waiting for us. It had never done that before. It eventually swam away.

  • I saw the megalodon twice, but it didn’t attack me even though it had the advantage because i was alone, why is that?

  • @tenwolves12 Because there are different "personalities" for the megs that spawn. Sometimes they are shy and wont attack. Other times they are aggressive as hell and hit you right after they see you. For the longest time i kept running into the shy ones, and only in the last month ive dealt with the aggressive ones.

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