Xbox one: Anyone who missed out on SOT Limited Edition Controller.

  • I just spoke with an employee of Microsoft and seems like they are considering re-releasing the controller. But you must contact Microsoft to get on a list of inquiry so they know how many people want one. If you sign up or get added to the list they will consider making it again depending how many people are still asking for it. So if you want to see it released again, go to and chat/call the support line. Tell them you want more Information about the controller. Then they should add you to the list of people who want one. (you won't have to pay double the price from retailers like ebay/amazon trying to resale) Hope this helps.


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  • @elexio I thought I might have missed out but my local GAME store hadn't sold a single one of their six. Now there's five left and to be honest I would've bought it if I didn't play SoTs because purple is my favourite colour. :D

  • Can confirm. after speaking to "John" who told me that his son wants one too. I was put on a list of people waiting for a controller and told i would be contacted as soon as they are available

  • i got mine yesterday

  • @seiferhades Told me the same thing. I wanted one so bad but couldn't find one when they were released. I have the 2 terra hard drive that's identical to the controller. I want both because I love the purple green design they have its nice.

  • Does it come with Weapon skins???

  • @karloss00 I hope they come out soon I would love to get one.

  • Is there any more news on whether a restock is really happening? It's been a while since the original post, and I haven't seen any more on sale. I really hope more are coming.

  • @king-brouille said in Xbox one: Anyone who missed out on SOT Limited Edition Controller.:

    Does it come with Weapon skins???

    I imagine they would do that yea, the original ones came with ferryman clothing and flintlock blunderbuss and sword cosmetics

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