Are PC players really Cheating ???

  • @logansdadtoo said in Are PC players really Cheating ???:

    I had a look through a lot of them before m8 as this argument has been thrown around a lot!
    There are definitely no cheats on xbox, you can't add or inject code on an xbox one. It WILL NOT & CANNOT run unsigned code (which these hacks are), unless you have a modded system & as yet, there is way of modding the xbox.

    Yeah it baffled me as to how that could be done on a console but I have read others say it on here so I thought to just do a search to back myself up.

    Thankyou for pointing out exactly what they are calling hacks or cheats.
    But being the same OS (Win 10) as the PC, it does leave possibilities. Perhaps via an external drive.

    The thing that Rare and or MS should be doing is reporting the sites that distribute these hacks.
    They can do a simple search just like we have done.
    Not everyone on a PC can hack, in fact hardly anyone on PC can even copy & paste for that matter, they simply download this sort of c**p ready made.

  • @admiral-rrrsole
    No problem m8, like i said, i did dig around a lot when this argument was originally thrown at the xbox players as i knew it wasn't possible to do.

    The xbox is a much more secure OS & if any code is not signed, been altered or tampered with then the xbox will just clam up & not run it!
    You will also be immediately flagged & possibly banned.

    So even if some form of cheat/hack was found for the xbox, it would come with a lot more risk involved. Xbox users would lose their GT,Xbox live sub & possibly the use of their console (hackers do tend to get console bans, basically making their xbox unusable!) if they were to get caught.

    I was into the hacking & modding scene back on the original xbox & 360, so i know roughly what is possible ;)
    I'm out of that scene now though :D

  • @logansdadtoo Good to hear. The same banning should apply to all cheats on any platform.

  • I have seen video footage of cheaters posted here before it was deleted.
    I opened the link to YouTube of that very video and sent that to Rare.

    It clearly shows the name tags of the cheater's fellow crew mates and even if they weren't cheating themselves, surely they must have know who was cheating in their crew, if not all of them.
    I regrettably admit the person who was positively cheating whilst recording the footage was a PC user by the control options displayed on screen when he approached barrels etc.

    Beside being a total waste of playing the game that easily, I simply can't understand what enjoyment a cheat would have plus the fact of all those aim-bot boxes on the screen would drive me absolutely bananas. lol
    Not only did they show all players and skellies each inside these boxes, but also ships and any loot.

  • @logansdadtoo
    Xbox One does not allow saves to be downloaded to usb or uploaded from a usb to Xbox One.
    That stops players from using modded cheat saves.

    Sea Of Thieves does not have a save file on the Xbox One.
    The information is saved on the servers for all pirates.
    Xbox One does not allow cheats like PC without a modded console.

    Most links to fake ''Xbox hacks'' are clickbait that direct you to surveys.
    The only thing you can do is exploit bugs in the game to your advantage.
    PC is the easiest route to cheat with minimal knowledge and effort required. No extra hardware needed.

  • @ghostwolfviking True, but we don't all cheat.
    I'd say that very few do (in SoT) at this point.

    Record all game sessions, find out their names and report them.

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