Afk & Exploit of the game mechanism

  • I have no idea if this as allready been posted or not. Tried to find it but couldn't.
    So last night, we were playing with 2 friends. A lots of time a random guy connected, stayed afk until we finish our mission and then DC when we gave back loot to an outpost.

    A friend that had to afk made a "homemade" anti-afk system so she was able to afk for 20 - 30 minutes without any problem.

    That made me think about how to exploit even more this mechanism, to free farm. Right now we notice that putting someone is jail is "fun" but useless as they keep getting reward: money & xp. So basically you can put in jail an afk he won't care at all.

    Now with a quite simple macro, you can bind in a game with randoms, anti-afk, respawn and deconnect from the game after a while. The macro just repeat itself so you are able to afk farm quite effectively (still less effective than active farm ofc).
    Won't put the entire macro here for obvious reasons, but one of my friend is currently testing the macro i talked about yesterday night.
    Was only a theory and apparently it works like a charm...

    A quick solution about players staying afk while watching a movie, people using those kind of macros, anti-afk macros..... is a "kick" option. "Jail" is good for players doing c**p to give them a "chance" afterwards. "Kick" is the only good option to counter afk players so they don't get any XP and doesn't kill the fun of players that doesn't want to play solo or duo only.

    For more information in 8 hours, with only an anti-afk farm system (macro or homemade) she made nearly 30k gold on the same server without being in front of her screen (she was working).
    Now we're trying to see the amount of money the macro would give, but it would be something like 50k / 60k i presume, maybe more. Depending what crew level you join.
    Of course with all the according XP for both.

    Yes that doesn't seem much for someone playing the entire day and you can do a lot more farming by yourself. Main problem isn't even that people can afk farm, as i don't care if someone is high level or not. It's more that staying afk take a slot in a crew.

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  • Seems someone got the Idea, earlier then me. But yeah, he may use more advanced stuff, since he leave lobbys etc.

    But yeah Jail is useless, if someone Jail me, I just go afk, watch TV. Reason behind this is, people just not ask. I mean if they would ask nicely to leave, then ok. But not if they jail you cuz you not wear Gear. (I am Rank 35+ btw) but some called me noob, cuz I not wear any of the useless Cosmetics ^.^

  • In fact you potentially can Connecte / Anti Afk / Respawn / Disconnect
    Infinit read the macro.
    So basically you can Afk Farm, switching server every 1 hour to optimise even more the afk farm.
    Only threat is being reported i guess, but lets face it reporting is a pain, you need proof (records cause screenshots aren't enough to report such things) and if you switch server every one hour you only meet new people that might not even notice you are afk at first.

  • @zindorah89 Your poor English makes understanding this impossible.

  • throw me in the brig for no reason and without saying a word and i WILL afk until you leave. if you want my slot then you should have asked

  • I absolutely agree with a "vote to kick" option.

  • Even better, the vote to kick should have a walk the plank animation. Leaving the person in the water to wait for a mermaid.

  • @mishaxg so you are saying you know someone who made a "macro" or a "hack" to go afk for one i hope you dont get banned for even being associated but yes i agree a real kick option not just brig needs to be done

  • @ca2or said in Afk & Exploit of the game mechanism:

    I absolutely agree with a "vote to kick" option.

    I am against a vote kick option, because people would undoubtedly abuse it just like they abuse the brig. At least with the brig griefing attempt, you still get rewards if you remain vigilant.
    Imagine if you work your behind off for hours to amass treasure with a random crew and as you get ready to drop off the treasure at the outpost, they kick you just so their lazy youtuber "friend" (or whatever other lazybeard they may be) that wants to be Pirate Legend without even knowing how to play the game can log in and reap your rewards (happened to me before and I even did most of the work to get all the treasure to begin with, but thanks to no kick mechanic and just the brig, I could sit in there and counter their griefing attempt and still get the rewards I deserved).

    Like some posters above said, I will gladly leave the game for a friend or whatever if someone asks nicely when I log in, but if they just brig me without telling me why or responding/reacting to any questions, be it over voice chat or in text form, I'll watch TV while I wait for the cash in so they learn a lesson not to brig-grief people. That said, I certainly will not leave after I've done all the work and spend lots of my valuable time before we cash out. After cash out, I will leave the crew when asked nicely, of course.

    In general, it's okay for people to go AFK every once in a while, especially in a long session. Everyone has to visit the toilet every once in a while, replenish provisions, get the door or tend to the baby, which is alright, especially if they tell the crew they are going AFK.

    If someone logs in just to farm things AFK and doesn't contribute at all, or logs in to troll you by tossing treasure overboard, shooting gunpowder barrels or rams things just to sink the ship and grief the crew that's a problem of course (the latter the brig mechanic can take care off alright). But adding an option because of the few that do that and potentially harm other, legit players and their efforts and progress with it isn't a good idea.

  • @californiadude I understood it perfectly fine with minimal effort. Maybe you are the one who needs to study and learn English some more not to mention your manners.

  • @mishaxg An easy solution; Any player that has been in the brig for more than 20 minutes should be automatically removed from the session. No need for a Votekick mechanic.

  • @mishaxg OP has it spot on.

    1. Multiple Pirate Legends are starting Galleons with randoms as crew.
    2. They begin a Athena Legendary mission and then, like he says, use a 'homemade AFK device' from the safety of the Ferry of the damned.
    3. Essentially, forcing the crew down to 3-crew on a Galleon while also forcing the crew to plod-on completing the entire mission-wheel of quests.

    IDEA: If Time Spent on Ferry of the Damned should exceed 10 minutes they are put in the Ships Brig: players only now can Vote to Kick if desired.
    (side note: if ship sinks player returns to ferry of damned)

    Bad vibes. They just dont get it...

  • I don't know if macros are against the ToS maybe a @Deckhands can answer that? Is it against the rules to make a marco to say make you jump every 10 seconds to prevent a kick? Me I'd love it especially since the kick timer is so quick in this I get kicked running to the bathroom lol.

  • The problem with a kick option is a crew of 3 can accept a random, exploit their work, and then kick them so a friend can cash in on what the random helped accomplish.

    Private crews are the way to go and what Rare is going to implement. You create a "locked" crew so that randoms can't join and take your open spot. Much less risk of abuse.

  • op claimed that brigging people was “fun” and then complains about someone sticking around.

    you have no case.

  • I have created a youtube page dedicated to these highlights of the game.

  • Yeh let's have a kick option, that way I can kick everyone just before I cash in, so they get nothing for all their efforts 😂 (pretty sure that wouldn't happen)

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