Solved! You can invite friends while in game!

  • Was playing with two of my friends last night. Having a grand time collecting treasure and bounties. We had collected quite alot and were about to head back to the Outpost to receive our rewards. My friend had to use the bathroom (number 2) and was gone for about 10 minutes and was disconnected from the game.

    Well after a few hours of play and being disconnected and no way for me to invite him back in, he lost out on all that loot. NOT COOL!!

    Need to be able to invite friends back onto your crew, and afk timer needs to be longer. Also saw another post about making your crew friends only, I agree with that option also.

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  • you can use the xbox app to invite friends while in game or in the lobby

  • @kasane69 Should add that we're all on PC, could not find a way to re-invite him. If there is could you walk me through it?

  • download the xbox app off the microsoft store. its a free download. after adding your friends you can invite them or join a game without receiving an invite

  • @kasane69 We all have the app, and after he was disconnected, me and my other friend both clicked on his name on the friends list and did not see an option to re-invite him.

    Edit: Friend who was disconnected did not have option to join either of us.
    This of course all works if we're in lobby, but not while in game.

  • You can invite someone back into your game using the Xbox app, make a party (chat one) and it should give you a prompt to join them. This does seem very fussy though and me and a friend really struggled with it not giving the prompt at times.

    However... the system is really poor, you can only ever have a party the same size as when you start the game, so you can't add people later unless one of you leave, if you start as a 2 man group, you will only ever be a 2 man group.

    Even worse is that if one of you leaves or DC's, you will be automatically signed up for matchmaking and the game will try and fill that slot, meaning your friend has to get back in before that happens or your stuck with a random. There is nothing you can do about this and if someone joins and decides to troll you, you're screwed, just hope you don't have a lot of chests when that happens...

  • @mr-chernobyl Okay, I just tested this and it does in fact work. And we did get a random that filled that slot, but I swore we tried to get him back before that happened.

    So next time we'll have to be faster, and if someone does join, we'll politely ask them to leave, if they don't, to the Brig they go! Thanks everyone for the info!

  • @chad-kane Yeah that seems to be the "workaround"...

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