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  • If ye speculate to see
    Like me; albeit admitted
    Somewhat wild'ely
    The mysterious Duke's
    True 'dentity
    ..could answer'd be;
    right 'front of ye?

  • my name is JustinAtPublix but on the seas they call me Captain K'nuckles. My ship "Bubby" and I would love to join this pirate crew.

  • @siriondb
    Starting to lose my SOT mojo & am looking for a friendly bunch to help get me back on track.
    Any room for a scrub like me?

  • @logansdadtoo Aw hell nah!

    Just joking. I would say 'YES!' but I don't have the command on this... uh... Dictatorship :'D

  • @cnt-thelrox
    hahaha...............last time i upvote one of your comments ;)

  • @logansdadtoo said in Fortune Smiles Upon You! | First Pirate Union | Join Us!:

    hahaha...............last time i upvote one of your comments ;)

    You're breaking my heart :'(

  • Ahoy!

    It has come to my attention that our Forum Thread lacked a bit of love. Fret not, I am here to remedy the situation.

    For those who are new to the Sea of Thieves, let me quickly recap who we are. We are Fortune.

    Fortune is an organization for Pirates who desire to thrive and evolve in a positive environment. To do so, we've established 4 Core Values, that are at the forefront of all of our interactions.

    I. Inclusivity
    II. Solidarity
    III. Sovereignty
    IV. Respect

    We are Sea of Thieves' First Pirate Union, for we harbor many Old Time Pirates, but also because we welcome Pirates from everywhere.

    Now for a bit of news!

    Recently, Fortune was featured in the PIRATE TIMES, not once, but TWICE!

    We were pleasantly surprised and happy to see that Rare recognizes our passion for Sea of Thieves!

    We were mentioned, along with our friends over at Crew Of Thieves, for organizing and managing the First Community Event called THE GRAND ODYSSEY, but also for our creativity and laidback attitude.

    We will never shy away from a spa day!

    We plan on holding more events in the near future and we are always looking for people interested in helping out with organizing these. If you're interested in collaborating with us, joining us or just having conversations about our shared passion, don't hesitate to drop by our Discord Server!

    And follow us on Twitter!

    Until then, as @DolnorNumbwit would say


  • Hey @H3bard,

    To be frank, as the game progressed we've seen our numbers fluctuate. While there is a core group of Pirates that revolve around the Discord, I can say that the attention around Sea of Thieves has dwindled a bit. There's less activity than before, that's for sure.

    That being said, we're inclusive and we try to welcome people as much as we can. Joining our Discord server doesn't commit you to anything, so if you ever need a crew mate, you can always check on us!

  • Looks like someone was busy overhauling not only this Thread but the Discord too. 👍

    Looking forward to the Brigatta Event!

  • @thor-von-blitz

    You're right!

    We've been busy lately! Between organizing Events, creating meaningful relationships with the other Fleets and Organizations on Sea of Thieves, and actively participating in the Campaign Events, I don't know where we found the time to do all of this!!

    We are now offering the possibility to specialize yourself on our Discord Server. This means that you will be able to choose the Role that you prefer.

    Whether you're a Swashbuckler, a Sailing Master, a Gunner Master or a Helmsman, you can join the Local Union of your choice and share your expertise with your fellow Union Mates.

    You can also now use our Looking For Crew Feature, which will inform the Union, through a Special Role, that you're ready and willing to plunder away!

    We've created a Guilded space to organize and schedule our in-house events! We currently have TWO Cursed Sails Ship Buyout Sessions planned. Don't miss out on the fun and the easy money!

    You can join our Discord server over HERE!

    and our Guilded Group over HERE!

    We hope to see you all very soon and may Fortune smile upon you!

  • Ahoy! Ye assist other fleets? Wonderful! Me have a startup that isn't runnin' too well and needs help gettin' known.

  • Im 27 gt is xxhashx420x. Was a member till my discord got disabled. Rejoining

  • #8909 alienx420x. Gt is xxhashx420x i was a member since the beginning. I was a pioneer. but stopped playing and lost my old discord

  • gamertag: Kenta Deluxe
    Age: 39
    I was a Founder. but stopped playing but have now become interested in playing again
    Xbox/PC/Both: Playing on both PC and Xbox but mostly on PC
    Discord: kenta_m #0464

  • gamertag: Crimson Sora916
    discord: Kurumi Miyazaki#5252
    age: 23
    I just started playing today but greatly enjoy pirate games I played last oasis and i also played worlds adrift when it was still alive im both a pvp and pve player and am up for just about anything as long as its fun!

  • Gamertag: Nero8401
    Age: 22
    Not a founder\pioneer and been playing for a while on PC
    Discord: Nero#3843

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