Saved by the Kraken

  • So, a while back, me and my crewmate Snaggly are out on the waves, spoiling for a fight. We were up near Smuggler's Bay when we spotted a lonely Sloop above the Treasury of Sunken shores. Easy score, I thought. Knowing we didn't have much time to act, I dove over the ship to hide on the ship when my crewmate hid the Claw behind a rock nearby. As I slipped up the ladder of the ship I noticed the livery on the side. The Flaming Jackal. I poked through the supply barrels, and I noticed the ship was far more prepared than we were.

    However, my salvation was at hand in the form of a Storage Crate and a rowboat. After siphoning most of the cannonballs and planks, I dropped the crate in the rowboat and rowed it off. Here is where ol' Lucky made a mistake. Instead of rowing the supplies to our ship, I rowed it a few dozen yards away and went back to their ship. Long story short, my hiding spot in the crow's nest was a bit too obvious, and after I had returned from the Ferry and squeezed out the musket balls, It was time to move in, never mind the Treasury loot.

    As our faithful ship dashed over towards the enemy Sloop, I noticed something. Their sails. The Inevitable Reaper Sails. I swallowed my courage and barked the order to fire.

    The fight lasted all through the night. During one of the times we pulled off to lick our wounds, I looked over at the other vessel and saw what was on the back. The rowboat. Damn, I thought, slamming my fist on the railing of the ship. I waded below decks to see how the repairs were going. While we had enough supplies to fix up the damage caused by the volleys of cannon fire from the tenacious Sloop, our supplies were, as our "friend" Flameheart would say, dwindling. We decide to go for one last barrage before retreating to Sanctuary Outpost.

    However, as we approached the ship, something happened.

    The water turned black.

    I let out a bark of laughter as my crewmate laid every bit of shot we had left into the Sloop as the Kraken dragged it to the seabed. While they didn't have much loot, it made my blackened heart sing to see that thing sink to the bottom of the sea. We finished off the Kraken in honor of a worthy foe, and go off to Sanctuary to drink ourselves stupid.

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  • Snaggly, what a fun name
    for a fine kraken tale

    a fine tale indeed

  • Good fights are always a pleasure to read!

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