Pirate Hideouts

  • Ahoy, corsairs! Captain Lucky is back, and bringing with me a new suggestion. Many of you buccaneers out there want Pirate Hideouts, so here's how I would implement them.

    The shroud has begun to part once more, revealing new islands where pirates are beginning to set up a homestead...

    Purchasing an Island

    You may only purchase a Hideout once you have Captained at least one of each ship type. Purchasing a hideout will cost 1,000,000 Gold, and you can only have one hideout. The Hideout Island and surrounding sea take up around 4x4 map squares. The hideout can be changed via the Pirate Emporium. Pick a good Name!

    Location, Location, Location

    Once you have emptied your coin purse, you can choose the Region your Hideout is in.
    The Ancient Isles boast lush overgrown Hideouts, with waterfalls, cave paintings, and more.
    The Shores of Plenty will grant you a small tropical paradise with large beaches and stunning views.
    The Wilds will grant you a barren, rocky isle, that stretches high in the sky, a truly foreboding sight.
    The Devil's Roar is even worse than the Wilds, so it won't be in here.

    Each Region will grant you a few island variants. For example, a Wilds Hideout could be a vertical hideout on a craggy rock spire, a shipwreck graveyard, or a Skull Island!

    Hideout Mechanics

    A Pirate Hideout is a social hub, much like the former Sea Dog Tavern (I miss it too). You can invite up to seven friends (or Two Galleons) here. This island is NOT part of an actual Sea of Thieves server. Rather, when you sail to the very edge of the map, it migrates you to the edge of the corresponding Region in a public server, and you can not access it again until you have left the public server. You can choose to spawn at your Hideout instead of an Outpost, for the purpose of stocking your ship and socializing with friends. What separates a Hideout from an Outpost is:

    There are no Trading Company representatives.
    There are no Clothing, Weapon, or Tool shops.

    What's In a Hideout?

    Tavern- When you spawn into your Hideout, you, as usual, awaken from a drunken slumber. Lovely. You can customize your Tavern's name, sign, and yes, you can place Trinkets inside. The Tavernkeep is the same for all hideouts.

    Docks- This mighty dock can hold up to all 15 Captained Ships. This is where you will choose the vessel for the voyage. (Note: there is a system to choose your ship. If more than two crews of pirates depart from the Hideout, they will be merged onto different servers so they can't make an easy Alliance server) These ships can also be used for a special mechanic! The Shipwright here is the same for all hideouts.

    Hideout- This building is directly adjacent to the Tavern! This contains Several features, such as:

    Treasury: Shows the combined wealth of all players in the Hideout through an ever-increasing pile of Gold. Random Treasure items will spawn here as well, but cannot be cashed in or moved outside the Hideout area.

    Training Area: test your skill with Cutlass or Gun against a shooting range, or Duel against each other!

    Lodging: This area has several bunk beds and many other soft things to keep your Crew cozy after a long day.

    Main Hall: contains a 2x4 stove and a large hall to dine in and show off your greatest accomplishments!

    Hideout Features

    Ship Battles: You can use your Captained Ships to participate in a sort of mini Arena battle with your friends! Yes, Arena is back! At least, here.

    Dueling: You can challenge your friends to a one-on-one duel in your Hideout. Hone your PvP skills or settle a bet!

    Assorted minigames: Play cards, shoot bottles, or just see who can catch the most fish within 10 minutes. Engage your friends in a variety of games!

    Hideout Decor: These are basically large Trinkets you can place around your Hideout building. i.e. a pile of chests, a Megalodon head mount, a Skeleton Captain tied to the wall with a target painted on its face... do what speaks to you!

    That is all for this suggestion. I fear I may never recover from typing all this in one go. Please let me know what you think (or what you would add) in the comments! I'm off for a Grog.

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  • Rather, when you sail to the very edge of the map, it migrates you to the edge of the corresponding Region in a public server, and you can not access it again until you have left the public server.

    So a quick escape from chasers.

  • @burnbacon No enemy crews can enter the Hideout. This is how you get from your Hideout to the main game, and you cannot renter your Hideout from a public server.

  • I love this idea may need some tweaks but I like it but to be realistic I dont know if the servers can handle this.

  • I love it! W post.

  • Admittedly if I were to get a private island in SoT, i'd prefer it to be rocking the style of that one port town you come across in the Captains of the Dead Tall Tale. I mean, those merchants have us running stone and other wares across the sea, who's to say we shouldn't be allowed to use that stuff to give ourselves a nice home?

  • @captain-dubs591 These Hideouts would function as their own server. Think of it as a social lobby you can spawn at instead of an Outpost before going to the main server.

  • I've wanted this for so long! I always imagined each hideout varying in price based on scenery and size, the most expensive being a large sea fort or an island similar to sea dog tavern. Keep it up! All of this sounds great!

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