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  • dear rare as you often hear people get mad about spawning after a sink, as a pvp player in the game i love it very much and if i get to speak for the others then we are done with it as my crew someone sinks that crew spawns 2/3 islands away and if we sink that crew multiple times and that crew gets a lucky sink on my crew's boat why do we spawn on the other side of the map as a pvper and if i may speak for other pvpers we are tired of that rare please take this to heart and listen to the pvp side of the community

    Edit: due to some confusion ill clarify somethings things

    Oke there were no world events involed

    We sank at the fort near ancient spire outpost (sorry forgot the name)

    Please explain to me how its bad luck that we spawn across the map at golden sands outpost when there was none near plunder outpost, thieves haven, devil's ridge ect

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  • That's just bad luck mate. Your ship spawning far away is incredibly unluckly, and probably has to do with what i call "spawn slots."

    Basically, if you get sunk, you most of the time spawn very nearby, (as your enemies did). However, when you got sunk, 1 or 2 other ships were probably 2 or 3 islands over. Causing you to spawn inconvinently far.

    It sucks, but that how the system prevents you from spawning right beside someone whos just minding there own business. Otherwise, trolls would scuttle purposely to get close and mess with other Pirates.

  • Bad luck. Mostly.

    Meanwhile posts asking for more players to spawn closet so they can have fleet battles.
    Posts asking to spawn closer so they can have revenge.
    Post asking for pretty much to opposite.

    Every post has a shadow :p

  • Imo spawning should be based on what benefits the foundation of the environment more rather than individual situations and preferences.

    loot production is absolutely necessary to keep a server healthy, less production and circulation kills servers which weakens organic experiences

    spawning close slows and/or stops production on that server as then it becomes more battles (in short amounts of return time) with less event finishing/voyaging/loot gathering

    spawning far apart allows people to finish events, circulate loot, produce more

    then there is the morale of it all. Winning a fight only to have to fight the same fight over in a few short minutes is discouraging to many crews in adventure. It leads to less production, less risk, less interest

    Imo everyone should spawn far apart entirely to keep servers healthier and more productive

  • You're doing a world event.



    Stop whining about the fight you're begging for in a different thread. 😒

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