How to check how many hours I have?

  • Does anyone know how to see how many hours I have gotten in SoT on windows 10?

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  • @lolpota Before I could see the time played comparing the beta version with friends, but now I only see the achievements...

  • @lolpota
    On Xbox it’s in your achievements list

  • @sergent-c****r could you show a screen shot? this is what it shows on mine

  • @lolpota I would like to know it as well. Does anyone can show us how to check it?

  • @sergent-c****r said in How to check how many hours I have?:

    On Xbox it’s in your achievements list


  • @rayfromjersey then where is it? :D

  • @batriz-vordgrim said in How to check how many hours I have?:

    @rayfromjersey then where is it? :D

    A counter doesn't seem to exist currently.

  • I'm not at my computer so I can't find the exact location, but when I opened the Xbox app earlier I saw that it showed my play time.

  • Oddly enough, the closest thing to a time counter they have is how many meters you've sailed, so if you can figure out (generally) how long it takes for the ship you play in most often to sail a certain distance, you can use that to calculate the approximate time you've been sailing, but not only is that approximate, it doesn't tell you how long you've spent on islands and it's a really tedious work-around. I was wondering about this as well, and I'm curious why this game doesn't track how long you've played.

  • I was really hoping that every single stat you could think of would be tracked... since there is nothing else to do except change clothes it would be nice to see stats just because...

  • @felid0r Can you check this and show us how to do it please?

  • @batriz-vordgrim false alarm. I must have drank too much grog before playing.

  • Man I'm really curious how much I've played, please add the option to see playtime Rare/Microsoft/Whoever chose not to show it for some reason.

  • Go to game achievements for SoT and then go to stats page

  • @frommsonboge it doesnt show time though. Closest to that is distance sailed

  • It's odd that it's hidden but you can see it when you open the achievements page and compare with a friend. If you're quick!

  • I don't think we have it in Windows 10 XBox App, I was searching it before.

  • should be visible

  • I remember time being a stat in earlier testing on Xbox insider/pioneer, but since beta and release it’s not there anymore... I have a lot of time put in, would love to see it opened up again.

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