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  • Hey!! Ive been playing SoT for so long, and there havent been a lot of cosmetic updates, a lot of the hairstyles are very Gremin/Goblin-ish, and the makeup looks really weird. I was hoping they could add a few hairstyles and makeup options. The best part?
    Theyre all in the game, theyre all assets that can be reused. Lets get this into the hands of SoT devs, hope they can understand wanting to mix things up, and that reusing these assets wouldnt be too bad. Thank you! (links attached)

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  • Yes to more pretty hair options.

    All the makeup is horrible lol

  • Need more female friendly cosmetics in general, all the belts are massive on the female character, some of the curses and tattoos have features blocked out by the chest wraps on female pirates, and more hair would be great.

  • @pithyrumble

    Well, the black eye facepaint looks decent imo.

  • I'd love a new beard that isn't removed from the game immediately.

  • I think expression through style adds significant qol to the experience and immersion.

    Should have shops for people to style imo with a significant amount of hair length and styling options. Tattoo shop. Makeup shop.

    A full individuality push imo. It serves everyone even if they don't use it it'll be there if they want it.

    Individuality strengthens and unleashes creativity and imo that serves the environment in a positive way.

  • @woefulmorgana I wouldn't hold your breath on the tattoos being reworked to not seem like afterthoughts/2nd-class.

    I know I brought this up a while ago and nothing ever happened. I assume countless others have also voiced similar complaints.

  • Yes please! :)


  • @lilkyrakitty I'm liking those shipwright shirts... 🙂

  • Yes, the game needs more customization possibilities.

    I would like a tied hair... Like Captain Flint or Edward Kenway.

  • The hairstyles in the last two images are already accessible in the game, your player's hair adjusts whenever a when you equip a headband item like the Order of Souls headband and the Rotten Bilge Rat hat. All in all, more longer hair options would definitely be appreciated, and I agree with this post!

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