[Mega Thread] The Arena - Part 2

  • You really need to fix how the respawning works. The loading screen is so long it's ridiculous. Even with a really good SSD hard drive it takes like a minute to load in, and meanwhile you just hear the audio of your ship being blown to pieces and sinking -_-

    It's also super frustrating to be grouped up with people way too far below your own skill level. There should be some kind of invisible ranking system in the matchmaking that makes sure the games are better balanced.

  • Chipping some coins from our playgroup side from the Arena.

    1. As much as we understand the idea behind balancing the points for chests and PvP in the arena, we all agreed in our group we would prefer to have more points for actual PvP than chest digging. There is nothing wrong in checking crews availability to dig stuff from the ground, but most of our matches are becoming one sided as digging 5-6 chests almost ensures 1st or 2nd place. The overall balance should be shifted to:
    • reward for sunking other ship (this can be done based on hit marks from cannon, perhaps)
    • reward much more for delivering killing blow to the other crew mamebers (currently 5 pts is a bit of a joke)
    • to rethink how much points should be provided for hitting directly ship hill, capstan, masts etc. Currently figures are small rather
    1. Chests. They are fine but first of all as mentioned - they provide riddiculous amount of points comparing to the actual fighting. Two. The whole system seems to be too random as well. There is a big chance one ship will have advantage due to randomness of maps/no of chests on the isle etc.

    2. Poeple aspect, meaning more randomness - current system allows a ship to sail alone to one isle while all other ships will split to other islands. Unfortunatelly this is not like typical FPS game where is it is easy to score. If most of the server will do wrong threat assessment and will allow other crew to sail not bothered - usually this ends bad for the match as one crew outscores the rest and it is impossible to fix the wrong decision from the beginning of the match. If the game will be more about fighting than digging chests (meaning less points for chests, more for fighting) we would see more action than just sailing to dig chests. And agsain, chests are fine, they should stay, but should be providing this final small amount of points that gives you the win, not define the whole match.

    3. Another thing, lets forget about storm in the Arena. Due to different PCs people use, different net providers, it happens that you have to wait long 3 minutes before the match will load and start while your ship will almost sunk thanks to occasional storm

    4. In a consequence of need for more fight - we also need more supplies. Current supplies can run out during single match and the sunking own ship is not the way. There are forts, isles and sea posts ok. There is also possibility to get other crew resources, but we could also use new harpoons just to take seom random barrels with resources from the sea.

    5. Cursed cannon balls - why not to have them randomly appearing in the barrels? In reasonable amounts, but still (perhaps considering which should appear perhaps not all types should be available)

    Those are just few notes, currently Arena feels tad bit too random for our taste. and half of the matches can fill like completing Gold Hoarders mission instead of fighting actual fight.

    Btw. a good experiment could be to introduce additional threats to Arena - skeletons shooting from cannons from islands? Skeleton Ships? Occassional meg? why not

  • I'm not sure if it has been suggested, and if it is - I apologize for the repeat post.

    But what if there was a "Last Ship Standing" where the only winner is the last ship that was at the end of a set amount of time?

    If you ship is sunk, or you are killed (maybe a certain amount of times), then your crew becomes the ghost crew (maybe using skeleton ships?), which you then only work on taking down the other ships. I don't think it would be fair to add in extra perks or damage bonus, since that would make it impossible for the last ship to make it all the way until the end of the match.

    Those who can make it to the end would get an extra amount of loot, with bonuses and extra goodies being handed out for teams/players who win.

    Have islands to sail around or through, shipwrecks to avoid, storms to watch out for (or sail through) and barrels in the water and on islands to stock up supplies with.

    Just a thought, but it would give more options to the Arena matches and give a bit of a different game type.

  • Not sure where to put this, just wanted to say how bad the "Battle for LA" was. Poorly planned, poorly tested beforehand and poorly stocked with players. Made it through the first match and I was done. Why is it you invite players such as Prodigy, who the majority of players do not like and do not want to see. Some players invited didn't even know how to play the game. It was a missed opportunity and a little embarrassing to be honest. Hopefully the next event like this is done much better. Maybe invite players who play regularly, and dont need a tutorial before the match, just a very simple starting point. The announcers knew nothing about the game. Nobody wanted to see Joe die in game, they got way too excited over irrelevant things and missed important things, again knowledgeable people are needed. The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth, personally.

  • Ok Arena can be better but....... do something for those that farm point afk!!!! I get every day same people ..... "Same peoopleee" farm points afk.....; I reported this guys and every day same story......
    Give us kick option or reduce the delay to be ejected from the match Pls.

  • Seen a LOT of AFK players / ships in the Arena, is that normal ??
    Besides, I have seen the "speed bucketing" exploit (https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectComfortableButterVoteYea for visual), and another "lag exploit" that prevents the player to be killed...

  • Please, they undertake more against cheater. of the arena mode is unplayable, unfortunately, there he is totally contaminated with cheater.
    They use different tools to cheat like this :

    Aim Bot
    No Damage against there ship

    And another thing that i dont like is spawn killing
    What is wrong with those Players

  • Did I seriously just see that you can buy "sea dog" levels with Doubloons?!

    LOL I'm done, you guys cater way to much to kids who refuse to get good... especially in a mode that is dedicated to PvP.

    I just played the other day with 2 kids who sailed into the red on arena mod trying to turn chest into the outpost even after I told them that's not how this works.

    I guess it's just "Sea Of Participation Trophies" now.

  • @lifenomadic yeah after wanting to get my friends to play no one will untill crossplay comes out. There is literally no point. 90% of players are on pc when I go to recent players list. Ibe finally had enough of cheats and advantage so im boycotting it to until its 'fixed' opt out SOON

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