How many different forts/fortresses

  • Hello everyone.
    I have played Sea of Thieves before but it was a long long time ago, now i came back plus i have a few friends playing the game for the first time as well so it was perfect for me to come back.
    I was wondering something, back in the day i used to do Fort of the Damned, but i was wondering what other forts there is to do or try to complete?
    Also in order to start those do we have to do something specific?

    Thank you all in advance, it feels good to be back on salty waters.

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  • @splat1986 fort of the damned is the only player activated fort.

    Otherwise you have regular skeleton forts and fort of fortunes

    These can ar all/most the skeleton fort islands on the map and are rng

    And then there is other world events of course (skeleton fleet/ship cloud, ghost ship fleet/green tornado, ashen winds/red tornado)

  • @callmebackdraft Hello there and thank you for reaching out.

    Is there a way to know what a fort of fortune is?

  • @splat1986 yes, there is three types of skull forts:

    Regular skull fort with grey skull cloud with green eyes that flash

    FOTD Grey skull cloud with bright red eyes

    Fort of Fortune Grey and red Skull cloud with red eyes and a red crack in the skull (also gives a horn blast server wide when it activates)

  • @callmebackdraft Hello again and thank you for reaching out. Sorry for taking this long to reply.
    The thing is i have been playing the game with a friend, he's new to the game, so i wonder what kind of content we could do as a 2 man crew.
    We have completed a couple of those fortresses at sea with the ghosts.
    We would love to try one of the skull forts but i don't think we are yet ready to a challenge like FOTD.
    So we are looking not only for content to do but as well where as 2 man we could get the most gold :)

  • @splat1986 the main challenge with the world event forts (like fotd) is moreso other players that will come and try to steal your loot then it is to complete the event itself

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