New Pirate here

  • Hello! I am immortalgod, or just immortal. I am a new pirate in sea of theives. I knew of the game since the beginning, but never really played it. I love everything about pirates and I have been playing for a few days and I am hooked. I love exploring and getting treasure. Im not much of a fighter, but I will try my best. I want to start doing adventures! They finally have pirates of the caribbean like storyline and I am dying to play it. I need a good size crew to explore and get treasure, a chill crew.

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  • Howdy ahoy

    it's awesome to have you in the game and here on the forums

    In between the time you spend finding the right crew for you I recommend hopping around open crew and getting to meet new people while participating in random activities that are going on.

    Not all experiences will be positive but there are lovely people in open crew and the experiences are random and thrilling from time to time. Many adventures to find with random crews out there.

    I hope you feel welcome around the game and the forums while you spend your time here.

  • Welcome to the sea! It always makes me happy to see new faces enjoying the game!

    So as my welcomes here, or... mostly else ware go, a few tips to keep you going on the seas!

    1, Dont get attached to your loot... Trust me, its best for your sanity

    2, Never underestimate a small or solo crew!

    3, Have fun, and be the best pirate you can be! YARRR!

    Wind in your sails, and gold in your stores my friend!

  • Welcome aboard! Just to add on to what @Wolfmanbush and @GoldsMen have said, I've found that covering the deck of Skeleton Ships with firebombs before firing cannonballs into the hull is the best strategy to quickly sink them. If the Kraken attacks you, shoot three consecutive cannonballs into two tentacles each and you can scare it away before it can do any real damage to your ship (assuming you're alone on your sloop). Also, don't touch the hourglass on your ship's table unless you want to battle other crews (that's our matchmaking system).

    One last thing: everyone sinks every once in a while. I hope you enjoy A Pirate's Life, and I hope it gets you interested in the lore surrounding Sea of Thieves and Blackwyche! (judging by your profile picture, check out Plunder Valley at some point as well; Rare has a cool Easter egg in tandem with the ship set in the Pirate Emporium!)

    Happy Sailing!

  • Yaha'rrr matey!

    Don't forget to utilize harpoon to put treasure on your ship and if you like swords and plan to use them, when you reach an island, stand on the edge of your ship and hold the attack button, your character will lunge forward and save you 30 seconds of swimming.

    Happy sailing!

  • Welcome aboard! 🍺 Hope to catch you on the seas.

  • @immortal-god18 welcome matey!

    Wishing you many thrilling adventures!

  • Welcome! Hope you enjoy the tall tales. If you have any questions or would like a crew to do it with let us know here, hope you have a wonderful experience sailing the seas pirate!

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