Who is the greatest threat to the Sea of Thieves?

    1. Grand Maritime Union
    2. Reaper's Bones/Flameheart
    3. The Dark Brethren
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  • I am a follower of the pirate lord, but if the GMU comes to the sea of thieves, i will bow to the flame if i must to fend them off!

    The grand maritime union is the greatest threat to piracy, the sea of thieves was basically the last hope for free pirates to escape their grasp. If i recall, even flame heart came to the sea of thieves to escape them.

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  • none of these its the tavernkeeps. Don't you find it weird they don't charge for grog? That's because pirates are impusilve drinkers. They're encouraging us to drink tons of grog. One day we're going to die of alchol posisning....that's when they'll TAKE OVER. The reapers? I haven't seen flameheart actualy do anything except hide behind an army. The GMU? Can't even get past the ashen waters. Dark brethen? I was suprised they still exsist. But the tavernkeeps have the grog, the gossip and most importantly...a lot of influnce.

  • Judging by the forum sentiment it’s Rare

  • However, I’d say the greatest threat to the pirate way of life is the GMU, hands-down; Flameheart and the Dark Brethren are fighting for the dark side of the Pirate Soul, for sure, but the GMU is working to squash any soul at all and just build an army of gold farmers. Heck, if they win they’ll probably add in PvE-only servers 😉

  • @sn0kanon said in Who is the greatest threat to the Sea of Thieves?:

    Judging by the forum sentiment it’s Rare

    Pfft. No threat at all.
    Now Skull and Bones... emeny of the seeZ

  • I would say the GMU.

    They have an significantly bigger fleet than anyone else if they can get past the shroud (the emporium shop keepers accept ancient coins and have mentioned how they have the power to part the shroud)

    They will intend to buy out and control the entire seas, add in the sea of the damned so their troops are never depleted and they are the force to look out for.

    As mentioned here before Flameheart did travel to the SoT to escape them as did many other NPCs (Humphrey's comic is about how they forced him to the SoT) they are the dominant force if they can get a footing.

  • Gee... I haven't seen'em anywhere. You?

  • Blasphemy, flameheart is the salvation of the sea of ​​thieves!

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