From the very beginning, we've been determined to make Sea of Thieves a truly welcoming world in which players of any creed, culture, age, skill level and circumstance can voyage without fear of friction or frustration. With that in mind, we've laid out a set of guidelines that we hope will help to keep the seas free of strife and grievance (beyond that stirred up in the course of a pirate's everyday activities).

The sacred bond between crewmates should never be broken, but even when waging war across the decks of rival raiders, all crews should ultimately hold one another in respect. So here for you to read, reflect upon and remember is the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code!

The Pirate Code

Article 1

The Sea Calls To Us All

Everyone is welcome on the Sea of Thieves regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or creed.

Article 2

The Sea Unites Us as One Community

Outside the heat of battle or piracy on the high seas, all crews shall bond together as a community of like-minded souls.

Article 3

Disputes Are Settled upon the Waves

None shall quarrel or overly dissent against another crew, but let every engagement be settled by sword, pistol and good seamanship.

Article 4

All Crewmates Are Equal

Let each crewmate be respected as equal and free to follow their own bearing, speak openly and vote in affairs of the voyage.

Article 5

The Crew Bond Is Sacred

Those who betray their crew and ship through griefing or trolling shall be sent to the brig.

Article 6

Respect New Pirates and Their Voyage Ahead

May the old legends help to forge new ones: treat new pirates with respect and share your knowledge.

Article 7

Those Who Cheat Shall Be Punished

Pirates who show bad form and cheat their crew or others shall surely face bitter hardships and punishments.

Origins of the Pirate Code

Having involved Sea of Thieves' community so closely in the game's development, we wanted to ensure they had just as much say in the Pirate Code. So while we had some definite hopes of our own for how players would treat one another, we took these to the official Forums and invited all Insiders to contribute. You can hear Executive Producer Joe Neate introduce our Pirate Code at the New York Comic Con 2017 panel.