Pirate Perks

Celebrate your accomplishments in style! Unlock access to an exclusive tier of real-world merchandise by advancing your reputation on the Sea of Thieves.

How it Works

Link Accounts

Log in and link your Sea of Thieves and Rare Store accounts!

Play the Game

Explore the Sea of Thieves, rank up with Trading Companies and raise your Renown in the current Season!

Unlock Merchandise

Achieve great things in the game to unlock access to a premium merchandise tier.

Reach Level 100 This Season

Pre-order the latest Seasonal Coin by raising Renown and reaching level 100 this Season!

Available to pre-order after raising your Renown and reaching level 100 in the current Season. This pirate plunder commemorates your journey through the ranks of Season Ten and the rewards you earned along the way.
Please note: delivery of pre-ordered Seasonal Coins may take up to three months after the conclusion of a Season.

Trading Company Exclusives

Show your support for the well-established Trading Companies of the Sea of Thieves!

Reach Rank 50 with the Gold Hoarders

This T-shirt recognises the Trading Company’s founder – whose greed unfortunately transformed him into a gilded terror of a Skeleton Lord.

Reach Rank 50 with the Merchant Alliance

Pay homage to the many shipments and supplies you delivered safely to earn Chief Trader Mollie’s respect with this exclusive T-shirt.

Reach Rank 50 with the Order of Souls

Show your respect for the arcane arts with a T-shirt depicting Madame Olivia, the Order’s enigmatic founder, at work.

Reach Rank 50 with The Reaper’s Bones

This contemporary T-shirt design depicts the Servant of the Flame, who seeks to transform the Sea of Thieves into a world where only the fiercest will flourish.

Reach Rank 50 with The Hunter’s Call

This striking T-shirt design depicts a ferocious Megalodon – and the Gunpowder Barrels that will soon see its remains delivered as dinner.

Pirate Legend Exclusives

Unlock access to items available to only the most determined and distinguished of pirates!

Become a Pirate Legend

This T-shirt design offers a modern take on the Athena’s Fortune logo – the symbol of truly proficient pirates!

Reach Rank 10 with Athena’s Fortune

This contemporary T-shirt design depicts the Pirate Lord, founder of Athena’s Fortune and a tireless defender of the pirate’s life.

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