Weekly Stream Recap - January 2020

Miss one of our Sea of Thieves Weekly Streams? We'll round up the highlights for you every month!

Greetings, fellow pirates, and welcome to our first monthly round-up of Sea of Thieves Weekly Streams! January saw some pretty exciting adventures and a few minor mishaps on these regular livestreams from Rare HQ. For those who couldn’t catch all the streams and want to see the highlights, let’s skip straight to the best bits!

The month began full of hope, with guest Alactar appearing on January 7th alongside regular host Jon McFarlane and another John (Lead Video Producer and voice of our Content Update Trailers) in the booth. These cheeky chaps had a play around with the new Voyages in the Festival of Giving update – you can watch the full stream below:

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - Alactar

Duration 2:02:38

Jon was on fine form, launching straight into some innuendo, but the joke was on him at around the 52:00 mark when he managed to bungle a cannon launch. The crew took an impressive run at the Fort of the Damned, but came a little unstuck when two Galleons they’d earlier despatched formed an Alliance and came back for revenge! Naturally, that had to lead to some revenge-revenge from the Rare boys… or at least, a spirited effort. Jon even engaged in some tense hide and seek with the new tucking emotes.

There was plenty of PvP in this stream, a preference of Alactar’s. Check out his own Twitch channel for more! You can also read our timely Creator Spotlight interview with the man himself.

This was followed by a stream on the 14th featuring ToejahM, who is indeed named after that classic retro gaming title – leading to some strange revelations by Jason, Producer on Sea of Thieves’ Arena mode and this week’s booth jockey. Check out the full stream:

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - ToejahM

Duration 2:04:59

The team set off to take on a Skelly Ship battle while eager to get to grips with the Legends of the Sea update – but sorry chaps, just a day too early! Setting sail with a rather unusually mixed-and-matched ship livery, they were soon getting into the thick of things.

Jump to 17:56 for a slightly terrifying moment when undying Shadow Skeletons cornered Jason below decks… followed by a Crab Dab to lighten the mood. He seemed to be a little too fond of firebombs, while ToejahM took on a Galleon with deadly gusto. ToejahM also revealed a love of the Reaper’s Flag that makes your ship visible to others on the map (clearly a bit of a daredevil). You can find him on Twitch too.

Next up was this stream on the 21st featuring PedroDBR, a Brazilian streamer who is prolific in both Sea of Thieves and Minecraft content. Stream host Jon was accompanied this time by Aaron, a Community and Design Intern at Rare and one of the folks behind the Legends of the Sea Update!

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - PedroDBR

Duration 2:08:34

The stream was full of danger and excitement from the start, as Jon reported burning his tongue on some soup… oh, and a mere Kraken ambush. This rollercoaster then took the crew on the new Voyages for this update, and naturally they got into plenty of scrapes along the way – check out Jon’s maniacal sniping at 1:16:30.

This was an especially action-packed stream with some excellent Rowboat thievery. The battle that followed certainly showed off PedroDBR’s boarding skills! In fact, after the stream had to end, Pedro continued to stream the aftermath on his own channel.

Just when you thought January was over, this month of legendary length gave us one more stream on the 28th featuring Swag Dracula, Lord of the Night and Pirate Lord (not confirmed). Jon hosted and was supported in the brig by Pirate Legend and Designer George.

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - Swag Dracula

Duration 2:10:05

Not only did this stream start with a lovely nod to British TV of yesteryear, there was also some Key Master action as the crew took an opportunity to get hold of an Ashen Key. You have to keep your eyes peeled out there! You also have to look after your cargo crates, George.

At 1:44:00 we were treated to a classic (read: antique) pirate joke followed by a sudden and impressive Megalodon hunt (read: harpoon insanity). The team survived to pursue their Gilded Voyage, aiming high for the biggest swag for Swag Dracula. The Vampire King himself can be found on Twitch, delivering his quick wit in a variety of videos.

That was quite a month of streaming, right? So much can happen in two hours, especially on the Sea of Thieves. All January’s streams are worth watching in full to get your fix of pirate spectating antics, and you can head over to our official YouTube channel for more streams, trailers and updates from the devs, or watch streams live at Mixer or Twitch. Official streams with the Sea of Thieves team and guests run between 5pm and 7pm GMT each Tuesday – see you there!