Shortly after launch, we shared with you our plan for regular events and their place in Sea of Thieves. Designed to give our community even more pirating goodness in between our larger planned content drops, we launched the Bilge Rat Adventures in June. Initially planned to be weekly but now fortnightly (thanks to community feedback), these adventures generously reward players for completing daring challenges set by the Bilge Rats!

So what are you waiting for? Lean in and give our latest Inn-side Story a listen as Live Campaign Producer Christina Parker and Senior Designer Shelley Preston explain our thought processes in developing these regular events. They talk about why the items that players can earn are time-limited exclusives, and why Duke is such an important figure – not just for the Bilge Rats, but for our bigger content drops too!

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #29: Bilge Rat Adventures

Duration 5:37

To find out more about the Bilge Rat Adventures, and the awesome time-limited in-game exclusives that players can hope to get during each event, check out our dedicated Bilge Rat Adventures page.

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