Imagine this scene: you're standing on the bridge of your ship below sails that have caught the wind, your crew busy at their stations. Some are studying the map below deck, plotting the best course, some taking inventory, noting you're low on supplies, while others are stumbling around, instruments in hand, after their third tankard of grog. All is right with the world; you're content. With a happy crew, a hold full of treasure and your mind on the next adventure, you barely notice the ship fast gaining speed behind you.

A battle worthy of an epic ballad ensues, as both sides spar good-naturedly with words, cannonballs and bananas! Alas, captains on both sides fall and they enter into... enter into... wait, what does happen when you die in Sea of Thieves? What happens to your ship, your treasure, your crew?

Developer Update: Ferry of the Damned

Duration 1:56

As it's something we've recently been asked, we've answered these burning questions in our latest Developer Update! Click the video above and allow our Admiral of Merriment, Senior Designer Shelley Preston, to walk you through just what happens when players find themselves fatally outmatched.