Ahoy pirates! This one’s a tad late. Thing is, we ran into a bit of a skeleton problem.

You see, our AI team have been working hard to give our literally brainless skeletons some figurative intelligence. This made them smarter than we anticipated which led to them delaying the writing of this article. They broke into the office and engaged the Community team in a banana war. What’s a banana war? You don’t want to know. But we won’t be able to smell anything else for a long time.

Anyway… that’s enough of that. Join Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Software Engineer Sarah Noonan as they take you through what may or may not go on inside the skulls of Sea of Thieves’ skeletal menaces.

Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Skeleton AI

Duration 6:08

They may be bags of bones, but hopefully you won’t underestimate them. They were once treasure-hungry, sea-savvy pirates just like you!

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