Behind the Scenes #13 - The Brigantine

Get an inside look at the making of this new ship coming in Cursed Sails!

Perhaps the Galleon is too large, the Sloop is too small, but a Brigantine would be just right? Sailing in alongside the skeleton ships of our upcoming free content update Cursed Sails is the Brigantine – the perfect ship for any trio of pirates who find themselves in a bit of a 'Gold Hoarder-locks and the Three Corsairs' situation.

We had a lot to consider when building the Brigantine. It was important to us that this ship felt unique, but also still a part of the same family as the Galleon and Sloop. Perhaps a love child of the two? Not that we are shipping any romances. Anyway...

Have a watch of our latest Behind the Scenes video, where Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Software Engineer Tristan Bell introduce you to the Brigantine and talk over some of the elements of its conception and design:

Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: The Brigantine

Duration 7:17

We hope you're as excited for the Brigantine as we are. In addition to offering more options for crew sizes, it's going to make spotting ships on the horizon more interesting.

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