We've got several ongoing video series under our belt at this point, so whether that be an Inn-side Story or a Tales from the Tavern podcast, there's always something on the horizon for Sea of Thieves fans to watch and find out just that little bit more about the game we're building. Well, there's more where that came from in the form of "Behind the Scenes", a brand new video series we're kicking off which will get fans even closer to some of our in-development features for the game.

Ever since we showed off our first gameplay trailer, sword combat has been a hot topic within the community, with many of you speculating on what it will be like or whether it would be in the game at all. We can confirm that it is and also happens to be just what Design Director Gregg and Senior Engineer John will be dishing out the details on in this very first Behind the Scenes video.

Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Sword Combat

Duration 5:46

Venture with us into the midst of the team as Jon talks to Design Director Gregg Mayles and Senior Engineer John Watkins about bringing swordplay to Sea of Thieves.

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