Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL) Community Competition. Your Best ‘Friend of the Ferryman’ Screenshot [RESULT]

  • Lovely screenshots as usual with many different takes on ‘Friend of the Ferryman’

    The loot this week goes to @chn-karuro

    with this winning screenshot

    Congratulations me matey!

    A new Capture a Code theme tomorrow!

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  • oh my god

  • Of course. Totally awesome screenshot! Man! That's like really good. Congrats!

  • Really would work out well if everyone got in line on a forum post and decided who gets the capstan next though. Like every entry put the same name, and then they win. Next week, whoever was next, they get it... Etc etc... But what do I know. It's been almost 3 years.

  • GGs Like to see something a lil different! I'm not jealous though.....really I'm not! Haharghhhh!

  • nice shot

  • Dancing in the rain with my pup and good company.

    Capstan: Work 2Tap
    6 pack: Work 2Tap

  • Wow. What a screenshot! All up close and personal like.... Lol congratulations! 🖖❤️🍻

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