What is your Dream Patch?

  • Having more than 1 custom character

  • I’ll try and keep this brief. Played from day one. Rock the Day One patch. I miss the combat from the start of the game. They changed so much with the combat making tweaks to the point that it seemed even they knew they screwed up. Let’s be honest with ourselves. For a game that takes tens of minutes to stock ship get a voyage and set sail to one of many destinations. Tens of minutes completing the voyage or part of voyage. Just to continue the same process. You more often then not die in a second in PVP.

    If you were to put the time investment of all the tasks you perform on a scale then put the TTK on the scale you would see the time sink isn’t worth the effort. My opinion is this will be the games downfall. I’ve done everything this game pretty much has to offer. Now I just get on and run merchant emissary during gold rush in an hour make around 100k solo and log off. I see a ship I continue on if they attack I do my best to defend. But once the bunny hop two gun insta fire starts I turn off the game.

    It pains me to know that a new player will have this experience without the knowledge I’ve developed from the start. That there is a chance for this game to actually have a deep naval combat experience but everyone just boards and anchors….

    I used to buy an emporium skin or two to help fund the future of the game but no more. I will make my opinion known by no longer supporting the game with my wallet. The direction of the game has changed to much and not for my liking.

    So my dream patch would be a complete combat overhaul something similar to the games release but actually thought out better with a Rock Paper Scissors feel to it where every weapon has its counter and no weapon load out becomes a meta. Just pure skill.

    As always from day one this game has been a love hate relationship. I’ve never blamed other players for the outcomes of my play experience. I’ve always however had extreme frustration with the development decisions.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Sea & Land life..
    Variety of sharks, Visible fish, Sea turtles, dolphins, Crabs, Squids, alligators in swampy areas.. etc
    Wildlife on the islands.. Monkeys, Boars, Jaguars, Lemurs.. etc

    A Pirate hub..
    A large center island w rivers running thru, small town with more NPCs
    Gambling, Dice, cards, Duels and more shops

    New Chests:
    -Emissary Reaper chest
    -Mermaid Chest w Gem slots for increased value.
    -Large chest which takes 2 pirates to carry/ 1 pirate drags.

    New Biomes.. The highly requested Snow/Ice biome, A small swamp area & more Caribbean islands (extend the SOP).

    -A complete overhaul of the Kraken.
    -Increased Loot @ standard Forts.
    -Molton Sand Fort becomes a Ashen FOF.
    -Increase Server size to 8 ships.
    -Limit Alliances to 2 ships
    -Speed the sloop up a tad and slow the brig a tad. Galleons fine imo.
    -Purchasable row boats
    -Costume slots

    The ability to take over a Sea Fortress..
    Place your flag, Stock loot, Defend.
    Spawn choice between Ship & Fort.

    As long as they dont add a Giant Smack Talking head in the center of the map who constantly comments on my supplies.. im cool.

    1. Hitreg fixed.

    2. Ranked arena with seasonable progression and leaderboards.

    3. Clothing presets.

    4. More indepth ship customization (sail shape, wood ornaments, customizable railings)

    • Clothing Presets, more clothes and Vanity chest cosmetics.

    • Ice Biom! Hell to the yes!

    • Would like to see a social hub to chat and have a good laugh with other crews. It would be outside of Adventure mode, and it would serve as a good endgame.

    • More wildlife and ways to interact with the world, the seas need to maybe feel a bit more like Subnautica, more details to explore in the ocean, and more fish to learn about. (hey I know its too much to ask for but youve said its dream patch 😜) RP fun tools, smoke pipe etc... And tone down the magic, many devs are jamming magic because you dont have to explain why, "Why? Cause magic"
      More authentic tools....

    • More Mythical creatures, Giant crabs, huge birds that can snatch you off your ship, Spider boss in dungeon areas like in Sailor Bounty.

    • Zombies!!! Halloween update that will introduce those unfortunate pirates and sailors that didnt rot all the way to skellies yet.
      Ill even settle for a reskin to skellies.

  • Since this is dream patch and not dream update, I'm assuming this is only for small QoL things.

    • Clothing Presets

    • Friendly Fire Option

    • More Wildlife

    • More Cosmetics (both new cosmetics and new cosmetic types, such as jewellery, bandoliers, etc.)

    • More Treasure

    • Overhauled Emote Menu

    • Extended Ship Customisation (Even further than what we got in Captaincy)

    • Optional visual effects such as motion blur, depth of field,

    • Darker nighttime

    • More atmosphere

  • Battle Royale mode - obviously.

    And a huge Hunters Call expansion. Think the “Sea Beast” movie. Killing giant beasts and taking their horns and teeth in as trophies.
    Giant wrecker fish hiding in tunnels filled with balls of light… some are safe harmless deep sea light sources, some have wrecker fish hiding behind them, ready to bite you and kill your instantly.
    Oh, and fishing traps/cages we can deploy and come back for. Maybe giving us crabs that run around our deck and need to be smashed with hammers.

  • My dream patch is Captaincy where you can save your ship cosmetics, free of charge even.
    A patch that would respect players thousands of hours of previous grinds even if that meant less stuff to need to grind in the update.
    The ability to vote in a captain during a session rather than only being able to set sail as a captain then the ship just becomes useless after the captain leaves.

    Basically the concept of Captaincy had me more excited than I have been for SoT in a long time. But the way they implemented it has actually had me pretty much quitting the game. Every time I try to explain how captaincy works to a friend whos thinking about coming back to the game it makes me lean more towards quitting altogether.... And it prevents them from even reinstalling. Ive unintentionally made 5 friends reconsider returning to the game. The lack of updates to this season and the fact bugs like cosmetic saving are still an issue 2 months after release and Rares just been silent/absent this whole time. If they don't care about the game anymore why should we? At captaincy launch I was probably leaning 60% toward quitting again. Think I am about 85% now. The fact they haven't done a serious quality of life update to this game ever (just minor changes here and there) and now adding a whole seasonal update that just added many more things that need quality of life improvements. Just hard to care about a game when the developers keep making it painfully obvious that people of certain mindsets or playstyles aren't welcome here

  • @k1lroyw4sh3r3 Yea I had been arguing from early on that we should start with a little more supplies. Now we can buy supplies but still I would rather pay a large sum for a small permanent increase to my starting supply so no matter where i respawn when i sink i would have 10 more planks at least for example. Between storage crates on islands and rowboats having so much stuff in them I am not as worried about stocking up at the start of a session but then theres the issue of making zero progress if you don't sell.... Which isn't even a factor of getting sunk by another player. The server could shut down. Or the game could have data loss which has been happening since the game released and they still haven't figured out the cause to be able to fix it. And in return for the game forgetting our progress? We get a voyage to go dig up a bunch of chests... Which then might get stolen or we could have data loss again. The voyage is kind of a slap in the face like "sorry you lost hours of gold gains, here go spend hours more digging up new chests you might also lose"

    Captaincy ignoring thousand of hours of past progress is just utterly disgusting though. And such a lame excuse "you weren't a captain before so obviously you wouldn't have progress" yea well captaincy was one of the first things announced. If this was a feature update in the 1st year of the game it would be fine. And its an awesome feature for people newer to the game now. But its garbage for people who grinded every update as they came out. Very weak excuse because this update has very little actual content of substance the OG players would have most of the stuff unlocked so nothing to farm so if we disrespect their time investment now look at all the CONTENT they have to do now!!!

    Its crazy to think as buggy and laggy as the game could be at launch the combat actually functioned way better and felt better. Between hit reg issues and server instability the cost of adding all the new content has created a worse player experience. And considering how PvE heavy this game is PvE combat feels awful now thanks to all the nerfs for the sake of PvP balancing. I wasn't 1 to double gun but whenever I ran into them not once did I have any complaint about how fast you could weapon swap. That was on me to figure out how to counter them being a double gunner not some nerf that had to happen for the sake of someone elses choice of play style. The lower damage on all our attacks, the weapon draw delays, decrease sword swing range. Has PvE been rebalanced at all for these changes? Nope that would require them caring.

  • In no particular order:

    • Renaming your pirate, would be nice to see better usernames on the seas for immersion

    • More ship customisation, let me for example put a water basin for transporting plants, feeding trough for animals, nice storage racks for chests and kegs

    • Improved older voyages, new voyages, new world events. Just keep adding a bunch of these to the game, they're so replayable and the meat of the content besides pvp. Stop making these dumb adventures, add replayable fun content like Veils.

    • Another tall tale series like Shores of Gold. Some of those tales are real fun (and better than POTC tales imo).

    • More NPC ships sailing around than just skeletons. NPC merchants with cargo, NPC pirates that attack you

    • Improved endgame, raise rank caps, add more new stuff to unlock at later stages in the game for people that have seen it all

    • New faction with some focus on PvP that are at odds with Reapers. Create war scenarios on the seas with cool rewards for people that opt into PvP, hunter vs hunter rather than hunter vs prey which is most of what SoT is currently. And a good portion of the prey playerbase will not stop complaining about it.

    I can keep going but it's depressing since Rare won't add most of this anyway, and if they do it will take 7 years. And it will be broken for another 3.

  • @ghostfire1981 HA good one matey!

  • Hardcore PVE servers for solo players.

    Expansion of the map.

    Increased faction levels.

    New faction.

    PVP game mode on land and various other activities that don't require to sail from point A to point B in order to have some SOT in you.

  • -Server Stability like the good old days.
    -New content for Devils Roar
    -Emmissary quests for Devils Roar
    -Captain quests for Devils Roar
    -Captain quests that don't suck
    -Option to Duel your Crewmates
    -Emissary flags that do more than just Add Money and give you multiple, scaling, faction related benefits
    -Cannon Ball Crate is empty when you buy it (Seriously, why was this added, it's every tryhards dream)
    -Cosmetics that actually look like Pirate / Sailor Cosmetics
    -Black Market Archive comes back
    -Curse of Legends comes back (Suck it Season 1 elitists go touch grass)
    -Skeleton + Ghost Curse
    -Megs that are actually Unique with special attacks
    -Loot Buff to Regular Fort, Meg and Kraken
    -Any option to attack straight forward, even if it's just chain shots or curse balls.
    -Up to 6 Ship Servers
    -6 Player Man O'War, can also take the place of a world Event Boss (Flamehearts new Flagship?)
    -Multiple pirates per Account
    -Player accurate Hitboxes with Head Hitboxes
    -Critical Damage on Headshots for Pistol (+50%) and Sniper (+100%)
    -Character Models with larger Hitboxes have more health to compensate for being easier to hit

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