Turf Wars

  • Dear Rare LTD

    I have a suggestion that perhaps might catch your interest, Turf Wars. Each trading company could have an area of operation. But at any time someone from a rival company could take over that area for the company. To participate in turf wars you would have to be an emissary. And when you are an emissary over tier three, you would gain two times the reputation. Perhaps they could take over outposts, adding a new level of PvP to the game. It would add a good risk=reward mechanic. You could sell your loot at a non company acquired outpost, or go to a hotspot to gain more reputation.

    My offer

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  • Not in favor of this. I don't want Sea of Thieves to be Sea of Splatoon! Would be annoying for people who aren't willing to participate, and not worth it for veterans who have their factions max out.

    Outposts as a rule shouldn't be hotspots. A PvEer doesn't wish to spawn in a "hot spot" and a PvPer doesn't want to sail half the map to reach said hot spot, which might be dead or only have a useless fresh spawn.

    The hot spots are world events. Let's leave it at that.

  • Sooo now the Factions are wanting to take over SoT like Flameheart?

  • I feel like Turf Wars aren't well suited for traditional SoT Adventure mode. There's a maximum of 6 ships per server (only actually 5 at the moment). Those ships could be doing any number of things... Voyaging, Tall Tales, World Events, Commendation hunting, Ship hunting,...fishing, etc. There's just too much to do and not enough ships per server to support something that would require at least 2 ships willing to compete for it to be fun.

    That said, I DO think there's a means by which to support all sorts of competition-based events - like Turf Wars - in SoT by way of the portals. If an event like this was instanced and only had willing participants, that'd be incredible.

  • Id say maybe not all the factions, but I'd be okay with a Reaper vs the rest.

  • @mrstinkyfart169 said in Turf Wars:

    Id say maybe not all the factions, but I'd be okay with a Reaper vs the rest.

    That is more acceptable, and actually makes more sense. :)

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