Crat here, requesting permission to come aboard.

  • In all seriousness, I may have some disassociation into this game, with way too many hours logged since I started playing a couple months ago.

    Albeit, I am a long time gamer, I have always been a pirate at heart in one way or another, mostly in ideology over anything else. With a background in gameplay automation and reverse engineering game mechanics as a hobby for the past 9 years, I am looking far beyond the depths of this particular sea, and seeing the community breaking down as the Rare dev team fight against an ever rising tide of insatiable insects.

    The passion is there on both sides of the veil, and it is holding us all afloat, but there are many holes, and we are taking on quite a bit of salt water. I'd say we are just about at map table, a couple more buckets either on the boat or off the boat will turn the tide one way or another.

    Look forward coming across any who see this on the seas, either as friend or foe, and always in good spirits. Enjoy the fair weather, pirates, for a storm looks to be cresting the horizon.

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