Thank You, Sea of Thieves!

  • I just want to share a bit of my experience with Sea of Thieves community several days ago. Finally gathered the courage to speak up about this and letting the other people know that there is a nice random in this community that will help you no matter what

    For these past few months, I've been into a lot of problems. Family issues, work issues and a lot more than you could've imagine. It's obviously taking a toll on my mental health that I've suffered a lot of suicidal thoughts and I've made up my mind to kill myself last week. And for some reason, i jumped into Sea of Thieves, wanted to see and play my favorite game for the last time ever. And I'm a solo, i don't really have any good friends to play Sea of Thieves, so i jumped into my favorite sloop with the Sea of Sands cosmetics, and i head straight to my favorite island, Sailor's bounty. I literally played the game mindlessly, just walk, and do like weird stuff there, basically, I've spent my entire sessions venting out my rage.

    And, in the horizon, I see a galleon coming towards me, and i immediately checked my map table, it was a reaper. A grade 2 reaper. And i was like "Okay, this is it, they'll kill me and i can log out forever" basically i was ready for everything

    They crashed into my ship, jumped out from their gal, with one particular guy was a hot mic, screaming like a pirate and just beginning to attack me, but i was like, sitting there, just watching as they killed me.

    When i respawned, for some reason they were repairing my ship. One guy said to me, asking if everything was alright since he never saw someone just stand there and not fighting back. I have nothing to hide so i tell them about my plan and my last time playing Sea of Thieves. They thought i was leaving the game since I was bored, but i told them that i planned to kill myself after i logged out and i told them on what's going on irl. They literally went mad, started to scold me about my plan, but i was prepared for it. Like i was ready to do whatever i wanted after i'm done with the game.

    One guy started to continuously killed me, he told me that if I kept talking about killing myself, he will continuously kill me so i won't log out, the other crew for some reason found me on Facebook by looking up my game name, started messages me by sending a lot of memes, like proper dank & fresh memes. They literally went crazy to prevent me logged out from the game. One of them, told me to join them on the galleon. So i joined them since i was curious enough to see what they wanted to do. and so we began to sail, circling the seas, finding other player and we went on a full alliance server with like.. almost 8 to 9 people, all of them know what happens to me and tried their best to kept me from logging off. We went scouring the islands for gunpowder barrels and do a chain explosion, we opens the glitterbeard secret hideout, we went to do Fort of Fortune together, we went into the Devil's roar, and get all of our ship sunk by a volcano, we went into Tribute peak without the shroudbreaker, basically the most random thing you've could imagine and it makes me happy. We also do that weird circling on the ferryman lantern, like some sort of ritual on a campfire. And when I realized, I already played Sea of Thieves more than 6 hours with them and I've forget my plan already. When its finally the time for us to log out, one of the galleon guy told me that he will never forgive me if i ever killed myself. And until today, he kept messages me just to check if i still alive

    It's not everyday I encountered these kind of thing. I'm very used to be alone until now, I've found the best friends on a game i loved so much, and they've helped me went through all these [mod edit] I've experience. So Tommy, if you're on this community, I just wanna say, Thank You for helping me!

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  • Faith in humanity +1

    I hope you continue to recover!

  • How often do you play?
    I've entered the phase of piracy where I still enjoy sailing and bringing in loot but I'm tired of walking back and forth selling it.

    You'd be doing me a favor if I could put you to work a bit from time to time to cash it in for gold.

    Sailor's bounty is a beauty. I like that island too.

  • Thank you for sharing your tale. One of the best thing about this game is this community and how many good people are in it, play it, and make it. I tell new and old pirates alike that the majority of players in this community are good people because the majority of people are good. I hope allot of players read your story and realize that behind every gamer tag is a real human being. May the wind be always in your sails and your glory out weigh your gold. Cheers matey.

  • @iamarcnarx sailor's bounty is my favorite too

  • Your story hacked a bit into me this morning , this is my fourth attempt to write something sensible ,but i find it very hard ... Your story also hurted because if young persons write things like these , then my heart starts bleeding...

    Life isn't always a road that is decorated with rose pedals . Life can be unfair , hard and even ruthless but ...nomatter how dark everything may feel and seem , you can't give it up because you never know that around the next bend of the road is something beautiful, great , or just the solution to your problem is waiting...

    i know that a good playsession will not solve all your problems , but now you have something that makes you forget , and even give you hope that not everyone and everything is against you.

    Grab this knowledge with your hand and try to climb back from your valley towards your mountain...Do not ever feel ashamed or afraid to utter what dwells within and makes you unhappy , that does not only goes for you but to everyone that suffers from bad thoughts .

    There are great things for each and everyone of us , for some it comes quick for others it takes time, much time , but it is there...

    i hope that you will find the courage to fight on even when the clouds come back and reach out , as you just saw for yourself , even complete strangers go all the way to get your mind off that dark idea , and if total strangers did this ,in a game , then who knows what you will encounter ,in real life , that will put your wagon back on it's tracks...

    All i can say is , that life , even if it turns against us , has ,in later years so much more value , just because you stood back up when you were on the ground...

    i'm so grateful that there all still people , young people ,that stood up and rushed to you to pick you off that floor because that's not where you nor anybody belongs...

  • @iamarcnarx Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and that there are people you can talk to about what you're going through. I am including a link underneath this post with information on agencies that can provide support and information that can help you. Some of them are worldwide and have internet chat or forums such as this one.

    click on this link for more information

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