[Mega Thread] Update 2.0.17 - Ashen Winds Feedback / Discussion

  • I don't know what you have done this update Rare but eye of reach hit reg is worse than ever, playing arena almost every kill takes 3-4 shots without them eating. Getting hit markers on people but they don't register and on the flip side not getting hit markers but getting the kill. How are we meant to have a competitive gamemode when the weapons don't work?

  • So for future updates i know alot of us try and play with different people however, when you have more than 4 people trying to play it gets complicated therefore i think that a bigger ship should be made to fix the problem.

  • I can't find anywhere else to say this but can they please add a new ship. Name: Fast Galleon, Cannons: 3, Crew maximum Capacity: 6, Storage is less than normal Galleon. More spots on Capstan to push. Or just add easy server alliance option.

  • @takuboto My crew of 4 and I did it, and it took about an hour. After all was said and done we took the skull and we didn't use it on anyone but instead sold it. All of that work and it was only 5,000 coins. I get that its a lot of coin, but come on. That took us an hour to do. Idk maybe were just bad? :/

  • Love this game a lot and introduced a friend. Unfortunately they have issues seeing games with a low brightness. They enjoyed the game in the daylight but as soon as night or a storm hits they were unable to contribute to the game as they could not see anything. Please can there be an accessibility option to change gamma/brightness for players like this.

  • Ashen winds feedback.....

    The loot amount is poor for the level of work involved. Considering flameheart takes less time and can yield up to 3x the loot?

    Up the loot amounts. For ashen lords
    Hit regs are insanely off.. sniper and chain shot.

    All weapons need reduction. Sword most of all. A 4 hit kill is basically sword spam hell. (With that PvE enemies would need to be scaled)

    More shrouded ghost encounters. I know you made it hard to find but an approx 0.0014% chance.....come on. (Yes the math was long and difficult)

    Needing new tall tales. You teased ashen lords in heart of fire and stitcher jim has been burning for a while now......

  • Cursed Gold Parakeet + Cronch Outfit. Just waiting for this moment to come. ❤❤

  • why does it still say its the ashen winds update on here still

  • I would change my cloths more if I was able to save my own custom outfit! It should be easy to write the code for that.

  • I've got to say, the Ashen Lords are just not fun to fight. With two people, it took anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour just to finally bring one down, and at least a quarter of it was spent respawning, because all of their attacks kill you in one to three hits, can't be blocked, and are difficult or impossible to dodge. It seems like everything the Ashen Lords do is meant to waste time: if they set you on fire, you need to stop attacking and put yourself out and/or eat food, if they summon skeletons you need to stop attacking and deal with them, if they use their smoke attack you need to spend time navigating around to them nearly blind (often while skeletons are attacking you) instead of just attacking them, if they use their explosion attack you need to run away instead of attacking them, and if they use their meteor storm you need to find a ceiling to crouch under instead of...actually fighting the Lord. Do you see the problem? And, of course, if you don't run away or slow down during all of these situations, you'll die almost immediately, wasting even more time respawning and getting back to the fight.

    It's very frustrating to fight a boss that not only has a very large (and invisible) health bar, but does everything they can to prevent you from continuing to attack it. It isn't fun to hack away and shoot at the same enemy for nearly an hour, no matter how much loot you get for it. The only feedback you even get to know you're making progress is when you stagger them, but that only happens two times in the entire fight! Running back and forth from an ammo box a hundred times and launching to them from your ship after a respawn a hundred times isn't enjoyable. I think the bosses would be a lot better if they weren't just unstoppable damage sponges. I actually like the attacks they have, but as they are, they're ruined for me, since I have to watch them go off about a million times, and they become stale and annoying about a third of the way through.

    I don't want to just vent about this, so I'll offer my thoughts on how I think they might be improved. A lower health bar is a must; this is a random encounter, not the final superboss, and it should not take any more than 20 minutes at most to finish. That's around the same time as a fort, which gives comparable loot, but is way more fun since you get to fight a bunch of different skeleton types on an island made for a big fight, instead of the exact same boss and skeleton on a random island. A visible health bar would also be pretty great, or at least some clear indication of progress (I think the flame in the center of their chest flickers faster the lower their health gets, but their health goes down so slowly that it's impossible to notice).

  • @indigocactus816 Not meant to brag, but i took down all four Ashen Lords single handedly. Blunderbuss and Cutlass is a must and Blunderbuss deals a lot more damage with Point-blank shot to deal maximum damage.

    resource your food and fight near the infinite ammo crate because the ashen lords always spawned near a buttload of food barrels and infinite ammo crate. it took me like 20 minutes to defeat them by myself and died like, 1 time i think.
    I defeated Warden Chi with 0 deaths on Wanderer Refuge and Red Ruth 3 times without any death as well

    you can get to the ashen lords back and swing ur cutlass until he moved to your face, Long direction attack with a blunderbuss really helps while dealing with a continuous swing with the cutlass. Lure skeleton away from him so you can deal with the lesser skellies first. Ashen Lords always follows your footpath, so when u done killing with the skellies, go behind him and continue attacking

    A lot of strategies u can use to defeat them man

  • So I did ashen winds event and a chest showed a castaway chest but said ashen captins chest. Same for the maga grills and brimstone caskets (they showed a regular gold cup. It took maybe 5 mins to kill red Ruth with 2 people. One with blunderbuss one with pistol.

  • I'm adding to this here, as my overall suggestion post contained a bit on Ashen Winds.

    @amendelwyr said in Suggestion: Various World Events have a chance to grow increasingly more dangerous, mobile, and powerful according to the lore behind them.:

    4: Ashen Winds - Ashen Lords and The Curse of Flameheart's Crew

    Before I talk about this one specifically, I will pin my extreme enjoyment of the art, the details, the lore, and the ideas that went into Ashen Winds. The battles themselves, of course, take too long for solo sloopers or a lone sloop to complete for the unskilled, and alliances are difficult because you're on land and not your ship. But they're still fun to do! Thank you for making this world event.
    Additionally, I'm well aware that Rare's writers and lore-minded crew are almost without a doubt expanding on Ashen Lords, and that my ideas could very likely have something akin to what they have planned in days ahead.

    Event Suggestions: Ashen Lords are not merely landlubbers! They command a crew, they have resources, they have powers! They will demand that The Sea of Thieves acknowledge that their master, Captain Flameheart, be given all that is valuable and of worth, including eternal servitude. Instead of throwing fire and destruction at all times, they can even spread a haze of confusing mirages into the minds of pirates. Their cackling laughter filling their ears as they walk amidst a burning landscape, unable to find their enemy or allies.
    Furthermore, when ignored, Ashen Lords have a chance to spawn a new fleet type. Ashen Armadas. Ships across the spectrum imbued with the fires of Flameheart himself. Now, the powers of cursed cannonballs, fireballs, and fiery meteor mortars are no longer without wind on the seas. They will seek to subjugate any ship they come across, and every player sunk from their flames will burn away the water a ship has taken on. Either a portion or all of it! (Considerably tough and end-game or even "end the server" style content.)
    The Flagship of the Fleet will contain the Ashen Lord who went undefeated, with fewer skeletons onboard as you will now have to defeat them on deck before you can sink the ship, as the beating heart of the ship burns away the water they might take on.

    Reasoning: Ashen Winds was awe-inspiring and by measure of scale, ambitious. Everyone was hyped for it, but it was considered by many vocal pirates to be needlessly difficult (if only for the time it took to complete) for the reward that was provided. I'm not ashamed to say that it was harder than most events, but my experience hasn't been on larger crews too often, so it was a really long event and often ended with defeat from plundering crews. But, even these ideas might sound ridiculously strong and difficult. And that's the point. It's meant to be. And it's also meant to be something that invites pirates to interact in the interest of both loot and survival. The Reapers are not without being endangered themselves and must consider whether it is worth allying with their prey for now to avoid a dark fate.

  • Implementation of a chess/ draughts board on galleons.

    Why? Like worthy pirates, there is a void missing for our person pirates to let their hair down and challenge each other during long voyages. Why not? Get it done!

  • What a doused of boiling coments

    I felt it amazing, and maybe the best time to cash activity in the game (aside from FOTD which i very rarely do but it seems to eat quite a lot of time).
    I mean it's challenging if you don't have the specific tactic with boat to canon it (which provide some tactical aspect so it's cool), it's challenging and harsh on foot, it provides things to worry for both ship and beach crew. The music, visual and patterns are great, the tornado and the ambient caught me by surprise (i was backing from the game after a long time whith no idea of what wa that and it felt great).
    The loot is aldready gathered for you, the geyser finish is quite original, the smoke effect with horde of skellies as well as lot of other attacks are great, some protection against fire too (a big weakness of usual skellies i'm afraid = ), the mooves and dialogue are cool and put some imersion, set ii apart from other bosses.

    The only bemol is maybe the fact that all the bosses are the same gameplay speaking, even not a tiny difference (not felt it anyway if it have).
    Apart that, i would love to see other content in that gendra added up to the game.


  • @amendelwyr would love for xbox to get a hot wheel for the different types of cannonballs and foods to even out the playing field

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