Customization presets

  • Ever since I've hit pirate legend my favorite thing to do was to troll random lobbies by dressing and acting like a noob. I would do some of their voyages, ask them how to sail the boat and there's the mandatory occasional "accidental" anchor drop. At the end when we sell the loot, I like to bring them all together to the tavern "for celebratory drinks and music". After a while I start the tune to open the hideout.

    Here's the problem. The payoff/finale of my little scheme here is to change my noob-ish sailor clothes to the PL clothes, but to get to that bit I have to quickly scroll through lots of menus to do that, making it an awkwardly long suspense.

    The fix? Let us make custom presets. Let us make a preset of what we have equipped and save it for the future. It'll reduce everybody's time spent in menus customizing between looks. And who knows, it can be a nice reminder to see how our characters have changed during all the voyages to become a PL and a reminder how far they've come. Personally, I just want to mess around with people more efficiently :P

    Ideally the presets will include weapons, clothes and equipments but that might be complicated to program considering how SoT currently divides such things in different menus. So having a present tab in all ship, clothes, weapons and equipment individually will suffice for now.

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