"Pirate Killer" Poster

  • I noticed in one of my games today that there was a notice in the tavern that I hadn't seen before. "Beware [insert name] the notorious Pirate Killer"

    Does this notice actually list the players name? What are the conditions of getting your name on one of these posters? Either way, this is a really cool feature :)

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  • @alavna91 It has begun! Now we race to get on the poster Rare wanted to discourage us.

  • I think its for long time supporters and testers, not for people who have alot of PvP kills or anything.

  • These easter egg mentions, found all over the map, are for people that participated in the technical alpha tests. The "Deadliest Pirate" poster is for Fizzy F**y, the player that killed the most pirates in one tech alpha session.

  • @alavna91
    That'd be Fizzy F**y
    One of the community easter eggs. Many members of the community have been immortalised in game - check the rest out on the link i provided above!

  • @alavna91 on mine it says 'fizzy f**y'. that's not me. so maybe it just points to the most dangerous pirate on the server.

  • As @LogansDadToo pointed out, these are easter eggs which are in the game for a while now, just have a look into the thread he linked or explore the map and see if you can find some others without spoilers.
    There might be a chance to be immortalised with an easter egg too, but it's highly unlikely that the existing ones will be replaced. So there is no need to evnet start an attempt to top the achievements of those mentioned players.

  • I The Notorious pirate hunter and also the Merchant alliances best fighter Steve34334235 could with ease slay Fizzy F**y if i ever encounter the pirate across the four regions and I am an honorable lad and would use my sword only can fizzy say the same!? I am also know by a whole server by once killing every player at a skull fort one time!

  • @steve34334235 I wonder if fizzy will be back on the forums?

  • @steve34334235 Please don't resurrect old threads, it is against the forum rules. This thread will now be locked.

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