A World of Legends

Be Whoever You Like

Before you dive headlong into Sea of Thieves' world, you can pick from a near-limitless supply of possible pirates, ensuring that whatever your preference may be, there's a way to define yourself in-game. The finer details – hairstyles and hooks, accessories and armaments – will fall into place as you play, with everything from the clothes you wear to the weapons you wield helping to express your personality and style.

Reputation and Reward

Building a reputation with the region's Trading Companies means successfully completing the voyages they offer at outposts. Every Company is unique, as are the opportunities they provide. Getting the job done will net you an immediate boost, and the more voyages you vanquish the higher you'll rise through the Company's ranks, taking on trickier tasks, gaining their trust and earning prestigious titles and unique items.

Making Your Mark

Chosen voyages may see you safeguarding cargo through perilous waters or hunting hostiles to claim a bounty. But beyond that, the joy of the pirate life comes from living it as you see fit, whether the world comes to know you as a master treasure thief, a Kraken-killer or simply the life and soul of any tavern. Pirates with the most memorable tales may even find their deeds immortalised in print or out there somewhere in the fabric of the world…