A World of Action

Combat on the Waves

When you're fighting over treasure or settling a score, your ship's cannons are a great way to put your rivals in their rightful place at the bottom of the sea. If your own ship's taking a battering from enemy fire, you'll need to decide how best to divide your time and your crew between evasion, repair and retaliation! Be vigilant out there, because since the events of Cursed Sails, hostile skeleton ships have risen to haunt the seas too…

Natural Hazards

There are many reasons why this way of life attracts only the bold. The Devil's Roar region is rife with volcanoes, earthquakes and scalding hot seas. Meanwhile, storms can descend anywhere in the world, reducing visibility while winds and waves carry you off course. Confident crews may prevail, but nothing grants immunity to the business end of a lightning bolt or the attentions of a deep sea beast. Avoid the Devil’s Shroud that encircles the Sea of Thieves too!