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GameBlast24 – February 23rd-25th, 2024

Here you’ll find a selection of content creators being highlighted by the Sea of Thieves team as they take part in the GameBlast24 charity weekend. From across our global Affiliate Alliance, Partner Programme and Creator Crew, they cover all sizes and play styles!

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Come back and watch our Community Stream Team in action here from February 23rd-25th, 2024!

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Meet the Stream Team

Our Community Stream Team are supporting the GameBlast24 event to raise money for SpecialEffect! This UK-based charity is on a mission to level the playing field, providing custom solutions to disabled gamers worldwide to make gaming accessible to everyone. Fundraising is taking place throughout February 2024.


Div-And-Inc (short for Diversity and Inclusivity)! This platform's main aim is to provide a safe space for all backgrounds (LGBTQIA+, Religion, Nationality, Age, Neurodiversity) and normalise inclusive conversations that make us better as people.


Twitch Partner and vintage hot air factory found on the Sea of Thieves spouting all of the banter and pirate game politics whilst displaying exaggerated controller skills.


Namaslay focuses on a kind and relaxed community and bringing awareness that gaming and content creation is for anyone of any age. She has 14 years of experience being a MMO-focused creator turned Sea of Thieves-focused creator. Come for the silly 'mom friend' vibes, stay for the conversation and adventure.


I’m Captain Daggers McTimbers! In the Sea of Thieves community, I’m known for the ‘stream sailor’ makeup look. I’ve raised money for SpecialEffect as part of GameBlast for five years now! Our lovely community have raised around £10k for SpecialEffect and other various charities - so I’m proud to be joining my faves streaming on Sea of Thieves!


Our streams are a mixed bag of PvE/PvP and are just our way to give back to the SoT community! We have a very eclectic mix on our crew and we also run monthly events with cosmetics up for grabs!


Boomer gamer, just in it for the banter and laughs. Boomer and Son is a special moment for me and a lot of my community. Basically here for a good time, and spreading the love and good vibes.


Ahoy salty sea cats! My name is Kayce (aka SHREDZ), I'm a virtual pub owner and content creator who relishes engaging with viewers and my crew. I'm a cookbook author, photographer and cat lover who loves to laugh and entertain, so pull up a comfy chair, a tankard of your favorite libation and join us for some shenanigans. Beware though, sarcasm and hilarity may be the catch of the day.


I'm a very family-friendly streamer. I love to give the community a calm and cozy environment to thrive in and cheer up their days! I might be the biggest lootgoblin and have a nasty addiction to puking in the game.


Avast ye mateys! I'm Makakar, a big, bearded Sea of Thieves creator who loves grog, tech and hijinks on the high seas! Hoist the Jolly Roger and join me crew and fend off a Kraken or two!


Dropper of anchors, queller of discourse and all-round good guy Deckhand! You'll normally find me on the official Forums and Discord trying to be helpful with the odd pun and meme here and there. One of the organisers of SoTFest! (Yes, I am the reason Spammals ordered all of last year's tickets!)


Hello! My name is Remi (SpoonbillVT), I'm a PNGTuber whose long-term goal is to create a safe community where everyone is welcome. I started playing Sea of Thieves in 2019 and I'm always happy to make new friends and sail with people. I also adore rats and have the title of Rat Queen!


On the eternal hunt for that one avocado that made it through the Shroud. In the meantime, always looking to bring a smile to your face with impressively mid gameplay and a lot of sarcasm.

Race of Legends

Welcome to the home of the most intense competitions on the Sea of Thieves! We've produced over 130 SoT competitions in the last five years and we're just getting started! Join us to see skilled crews battle to build their own legend on the seas!


I am a longtime fan of the game Sea of Thieves, starting my adventures back in the Closed Beta, and I was so impressed by these adventures that I created a large community of like-minded individuals. The main focus of the game is PvP, but PvE is not neglected. The main goal is the Shrouded Ghost, so if anyone has seen it, please call!

SoT France

If you want to know about Sea of ​​Thieves, this channel is for you. Discover the new content and gameplay created by French fans of the Sea of ​​Thieves game.


Welcome to the fluffier side of life! Chat-focused, fun-loving and fluffiest of content creators, with a chilled outlook to gaming and a friendly, supportive community. Queen of Plund-Air sailing aboard The Rat's Tail commanded by the glorious Captain Tigerpants!


If you're looking for highly skilled gaming this might not be the channel for you, but ThePretend brings a sarcasm and a chaos to the seas whilst also promoting a space where anyone and everyone is welcome to come and chill out and watch the chaos unfold in a safe, welcoming environment.


I'm Ophie! I stream SoT full-time as a character I created in-game named Donald McRonald. I go around the seas looking for high-quality burger clowns to expand my corporate brand, using improv, chaos and middle management tactics to get pirates I come across into uniform and corporately compliant.


I am The Dramatic Gold Curse Lady. My streams are generally pretty silly and often involve me struggling to stay on top of a Rowboat. I’m so excited to be here and be involved!

Zookie - Arrt Club

I'm Veronica (also known as Zookie), an artist who loves to spend her free time painting pirates and all things fantastical. I help run the Arrt Club - a SoT community for people to explore creative endeavours, showcasing everything from prop making to pixel art. Come along to watch some painting and maybe learn a thing or two!

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