[MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.10 - Festival of Giving Discussion & Feedback

  • @nunoazuldimeter Agreed on double gunning, it's literally EVEYWHERE in game and is absolutely ruining it.

    And especially with the change to the sword, it's making the sword nearly useless if you find someone who's even a half decent shot.

    Please please PLEASE address these issues and make the game enjoyable again for those not using exploits.


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    it's making the sword nearly useless if you find someone who's even a half decent shot.

    I suck at all combat 🤣

    Great with gunpowder though.

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    When the new bosses spawn there is no music. Also when they die, I miss a louder sound... Cause it's an anticlimax. Music will make the encounter more intense.

    Are they region specific? I mostly only tend to get one of them over and over...

    I haven't seen any pattern yet. I got the two-headed boss in a legendary voyage. The only ashen fort I've done and the rest of the voyages I always fought the Wheelman.

    Must be my bad RNG luck, but I only get the duchess in the Devil’s Roar (legendary voyage).

    I get wheelman in ancient isles and shores of plenty, and I did get the other pirate lord over in the wilds. That said, I’m going off Voyages alone; I’ve not tried the forts yet.

    I don’t seem to get credited for duchess kills though :/

  • Love the pve content but for the love of god plz nerf the blunderbuss. It's totally easy to one shot

  • I really like where the game is at in terms of PvE and sailing and commendations, etc. However, the PvP is very imbalanced, any combat that occurs on a ship is a battle of who can one-shot with the blunderbuss first. And if I die first I can't even spawn in again without being killed instantly. With PvP being such a huge part of the game, I don't think there should be a mechanic that allows one-shotting. A simple fix would be to nerf the damage so it doesn't one-shot. It is a simple fix and would bring the combat back to a really good, fun place.

  • Only two things:

    1. Is it just me or sometimes things like the sword don't respond to the first click?
    2. Portable Ammo Crates are out of control, It should be something weird to find.

    Thanks. 💪🏻

  • This new sword is absolute garbage. It is completely not viable in combat. The stun reduction basically means I can slash someone twice and they just jump away, usually off their ship. Or I slash twice and they just pull out their blunderbuss and one shot. It takes 6 complete sword slashes to kill someone, not counting healing and with the reduction of sword range I feel like I am alway just chasing someone like an idiot with the sword while they just shoot me which funnily enough being shot cancels any animations so if I am slashing them it stops me while they can just whip out a gun while getting slashed and blast me back.

    Double gun has become the new META which is terrible in a Pirate game. With a few more button presses DG is just as fast as it used to be.

    Lastly the one shot ability of the blunderbuss has needed a nerf for a long time. You guys “claimed” to have removed DG because the ability to kill enemies hand to hand so easily was never the intent yet here we are for the last 9 months blunderbuss has been one shotting people all over the place.

  • I am really bummed out that you cant buy a costume if you dont already own the animal for it. Yes I know that you wont be able to use it but I would like to have it so when I do get the correct animal i still have the time limited clothing.

  • The Molten Sands Fortress - The volcano goes off for about 5-6 minutes, after its finished we go back to the fortress, almost immediately after the boiling water goes away an earthquake happens and roughly 4 out of 5 times a volcano will erupt causing us to leave the island and wait out the volcano. This will happen 3 to 4 times before we can get a span long enough to spawn the Duchess and kill her. basically the cycle goes something like 6 minutes of active volcano time and 2 minutes of down time, that 2 minutes is barely enough time to get to the fort before it erupts again.
    Basically can you add a cool down timer of something like 10 minutes before the next eruption can trigger. Waiting on the volcanoes for an hour is not very fun especially when we have to kill the Dutchess 25 times

  • @takuboto Calendar of giving problems for Pirate legends.

    Yet again I am concerned that you guys are forgetting the people who put the most time and money in to the game and it would be so simple to fix I find it crazy that it was not already in. For example on December 15th it was: Get boosted reputation with order of souls today! when it could have being: Get boosted reputation with the order of souls today! (or double gold if trader reputation is full!)

    Such a simple thing would show that you are thinking about players who put a lot of time in to your game yet you choose to ignore them instead great stuff guys.

  • I noticed that when joining an alliance the flag no longer disappears - Yeah!!

  • I know that you probably hear this about a thousand times a day, but it's really important and I think that you guys should more so consider it and make it public that you're doing so. Over the course of the past few weeks, I've heard hundreds of PL10's say they are thinking of quitting the game due to ZERO content and ZERO Christmas themed 'daily gifts' for them. Not to mention that they want a way to change their character without resetting everything. There's been, I think 9 days of gift giving? And it's ALL been catered to new players and NOT the damn people who are literally the base of your game. I know that no one of importance will read this article and actually do something about it, you'll peruse over the first few lines and laugh, but If you keep ignoring and disrespecting you day/year one players, then you'll just have a sloppy base of noobs that don't respect the game or its other players. I suggest that you do SOMETHING for you day one players before you lose us all and than eventually the game.
    Yours truly,
    Chewbaccalaca (Day ONE PL10)

  • This event was ok, but many didn't understand that things should be put on the gift table so that the other crews could sell it

    I have an idea.
    An alliance chat would not be bad and to make it even more realistic, it would be great if you could deliver the news with your birds.

    For example, you need help, then send the bird off with a message. Depending on how far your friends are, the longer it takes to deliver the message.

  • I see today that you are giving for free 750 ancient coins to lucky players during this Festival of Giving.

    • First is unfair that under Christmas Eve you give bonus only to few player randomly chosen;
    • Second there is no luck involved, Is more accurate to talk about "unluck" of few players. I'm playing this game from day one. In my crew (about 20 players) all received the bonus in ancient coins, only me received nothing, where Is luck in this?

    Thank you for giving me a bad, or better no giving at all, present under Christmas!

    Best regards and happy holidays to you all at Rare.

  • hello to you on this christmas eve day, i play since the beginning even in beta all my pirate friends we received old pieces except me why this Rare punishment?

  • @lem0n-curry said in [MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.10 - Festival of Giving Discussion & Feedback:

    I noticed that when joining an alliance the flag no longer disappears - Yeah!!

    I guess that was a glitch - other session I joined an alliance and the flag disappears as usual :(

  • Has anyone else had an issue with their Ashen Treasures commendations? Me and a few others I play with have done the voyages for the Mutinous Helmsman at least 35 times and haven’t gotten the 25 times done yet. It told us yesterday that it was at 18 and when we logged on today, we bumped up to 20. We have just finished doing it 4 more times and now it’s saying 22. Is this just some weird glitch for us or does anyone have a solution?

  • @kaloudz said in [MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.10 - Festival of Giving Discussion & Feedback:

    Far too many gifts to give to other crews. This should be halved. You’ve too much faith in the belief that forced engagement is fun... it’s not.

    Furthermore, these sorts of events tend to be something you need to complete in week one, or else struggle like hell to find a crew still willing to help.

    Your doing it wrong then. I can agree tbis event was lacking but I had a good time with what it was. I grinded out all of my gifts to give away and found a sloop crew that had recently gotten the game. It was double dabloons day so we allied up and we watched them sell all 60 gifts and then some. That was 900+ dabloons for them for being nice and 450 for us. We didnt loose out on any dabloons as if it were any other day. So at first it seemed like a lot but its only a few days of a grind for an average player. And it gives a rare experience within the world. Take what rare gives us and do with it what you think they want you do do. And then. Once everyone's had their fun. Explore with it and use any new mechamics and items in diffrent ways.
    I PvP a lot more than alliance but this was still a nice event to have. No matter the size of the event itself.

  • @pietincat I'm sure you have been told this buuut. The hide emotes are entirely for laughs. The one that is useful is free always. There is no problem with this. The devs habe accepted tucking as a method of play and like it. They want to give a nod to their streamers and potential players. To me its a quality of life improvement.

  • @gunner646 Thanks for replying to my month old comment. In the last 29 days I have seen that they are more for laughs than anything else. Nonetheless, I stand by the opinion that they should not hide your gamertag, for the rare occasion that they would be better suited than the free one.

  • Hello to the Devs of this game, I am currently playing your game on my Xbox one x at the current moment, your game has recently popped up with “The Sea of Thieves Services are temporarily unavailable. Please try again.(Lavendarbeard)” but when I type in “Lavendarbeard” into google for your game it comes back with antivirus and proxy server, but I play on console... so my point is even after a hard reset of my console the game is still coming up with the code. I have seen from a year ago this code was an issue, and that the easy fix was hard resetting. I have cleared space on my HDD, turned off and on my wifi, hard reset the console, even tried to clear certain cookies to better the performance but still none of these have helped bi-pass the infamous “Lavendarbeard”. Yours truly Dom5595

  • @dom5595 go to your network settings and clear alternate mac IP address

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