[Mega Thread] - Death Cost

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    @khaleesibot Hello everyone, i wanted to talk about the death in this game,it looks like the death cost wont happen. I think it's a good idea BUT we do need something agaisnt the players when they lose a fight !
    You can't let some random guys dying et repop like 2 island near the fight, letting them come back in less than 2 min !!

    For that i can propose something like, if you die with your boat you can only repop at the opposite of the map !

    Or something more painfull for the one who die and a lot more satisfaction for the winner, you can just switch server every one dying with his boat !

    But you guys can't let the pvp like this or it will kill the game, i really like the game but when i am fighting few min against a boat, killing it and seeing it again 2 min later full stuff, its kind of boring

    Anyway love this game, sorry for my english ! and see ya on sea :D

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    As a result this thread is locked, thank you all for your feedback!