Pirate Times Issue #8 Submissions

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    It's that time again - we're on the hunt for submissions for inclusion in the next issue of the Pirate Times!

    For our Issue #8 we're looking for any cool creations or stories you have to share with us from recently, especially those surrounding The Seabound Soul update and the features that came with it. If there is anything you'd like to submit then post it in this thread and the community team will review.

    Check out Pirate Times Issue #7 for a refresher on what made the cut last time!

    Please also be sure that your content adheres to the Sea of Thieves Community Code of Conduct.

    DISCLAIMER: This topic is for Pirate Times submissions discussion only. Please use other categories and topics for general game-related discussion. Posting content in this topic does not guarantee inclusion in the Pirate Times.

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    Thank you very much to the people who curated and edited the Pirate Times Issue #7! I'm really thanksful for being in it! Joe, in a weekly update video and devs stream, wore a shirt I designed, now I feature in the Pirate Times, what else can I ask for (except a true Tortuga kind of place in SoT)?

    Here's to the crew!

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    @FenrirMK3 @pottergeek07 and myself left a reapers chest in the Gold Hoarders Den

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    @MrFawlout has been collecting pictures of rare sails

    and notable pirates

    If any of you have anything unusual cosmetic wise or have your own Easter Egg get in touch with him via his twitter

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    @takuboto come on down to hare's barbecue where we have chicken pork and other meat to sell and eat drink and be merry aboard me ship the admiral benbow and if ye are too raucous or too drunk and i can't deal with ye i'll have to escort ye off me ship to the ferryman

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    I can't sell my loot

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    How about covering a community event set up by the community for the community. A few of us pirate's are planning an event in July next year with tickets going on sail shortly. It would help us promote the event but unsure if that fits with your guidelines.

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    We have uploaded a video a few months ago featuring the strongest pirate in the seas!
    Basically 1 Rowboat pulling 3 Galleons!
    That takes some strength!


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    Walk among immortals: Derrick, son of Derrick
    During my quest to walk among the immortals who have Easter eggs in the game I was joined by Derrick, Son of Merrick who was more than happy to assist me with a few pictures. While we sailed, I kept telling the nearby ships I had a very important pirate on board and Derrick would hint his dad had left him to fight off a meg.

    On our way to The Finest Trading post we were attacked by both a megaladon and skeleton galleon. After taking down the skeleton ship, we looked at each then at the meg and said time to make papa Merrick proud!

    With the enemies dispatched we made it to the trading post for our last round of pictures. Before we parted ways he told tales of his adventures and just how his reference in the game came to be. It was an amazing experience and I hope to one day sail with Derrick, son of Merrick again!

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    Any of the people doing the gift giveaways for the holidays. But if it was someone who hasn't been listed before I'd say,

    @crichiesh (Twitter)

    Here's doing a 24 days of Christmas giveaways. 1 a day.

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    link text

    I see people make fan made lyrics of SoT music and here is mine, Orca writing this song to her beloved DeMarco Singh. Grogg Mayles is the main song for this song.

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    Ahoy there my fellow pirates. It is your true Gaston of the sea. The manliest of monster hunters.

    In my latest adventures I heard of a secret that was laying on Sailors Bounty. A portrait of a fellow resident artist along with many of her companions which she has come to immortalize. I knew this artist, I knew of her work, and I made it my goal to sail to this island and bear witness to her now immortal glory.

    So that adventure would begin, set out from Galleon's Grave. The sea was calm, no ships in site, and no beast either; which was unfortunate. I raised anchor, took the wheel, grabbed a few explosive grenades and began a simple sail to the west. But, it was not long until I realized i was not alone. As I approached Krakens Watchtower, a rumble was heard from deep within the waters even though my mind was set on Sailors Bounty, I could not turn away from the battle that was to commence. "COME LITTLE MEGGY" I yelled, and it did. I raised my sails and prepared myself. The beast gave off a fierce red tinge to it's body and angry red eyes set upon my ship. This was a battle I knew i would enjoy. Quick was I to grab my cannon balls and begin plummeting hit after hit upon the deadly body of the beast. It would turn to me and begun it's attack to take a bite from my ship. Vast it was no use. As one cannon ball to the mouth stopped the beast from it's attack! I laughed in success as the beast swam under my ship. Thinking it had the upper hand I would welcome it from the other side with VAST FIERY FIRE from my own hands. Under water it felt the heat of my fire bombs and yelled in pain. It submerged to calm the flames upon it's back.

    As I waited, I knew that this beast would not give up. It too had the persistence like your fellow beat slayer Gaston, it again began another attack and this time success it had. AHH a fight I can be happy with was gong through my mind. I fight which I will remember ever time I look at the patches up holes on my ship. I quickly fixed the damage and began another barrage of cannon balls, that is until I loaded a fire bomb into the cannon, lit the fuse. The cannon let out a loud explosion, the bomb flew through the air and struck the beast right on the head. It shouted out in pain as it's body arched up above the water. And as fast as the beast arrived, it now floated with no breath, no fight, and the knowledge that it had been bested by the might Gaston!

    This was not the end of the tail. I continued my journey to Sailors Bounty and little to my surprise the seas were too calm today. After my fight with the megalodon I expected much in the way of action, but it appears all beastly creatures were in deep sleep, or knew the Beast Hunter was active.

    I arrived at my destination and found the site of immortalization. The talented Latched Glue and her counter part paintings. But that was not all, to my surprise your manliest of Beast Hunters Gaston was one of those paintings. A humbling experience and reminder that no matter what dark corner these beasts run to, no matter how many Skeletons show their faces, Gaston will always and forever be in the Sea of Thieves to hunt them down!

    alt text

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    It was a windy day upon seas of the wilds and my pursuit for precious doubloons had led me afoul. Amongst the many islands dotted throughout the trechorous, dark waters, I had found myself in possession of a plethora of ashen keys, each one glistening with the accursed flame of the Devil's Roar. As I rounded Old Faithful Isle, my eye set on Dagger Tooth Outpost, the winds delivered onto me a fearsome galleon with Legend's Mark, the ghostly aura chilling my blood as it bore down upon me. Jumping to the masts I diverted my course towards Blind Mans' Lagoon, hoping to make landfall in the Devil's Roar, seize the Shroudbreaker, and make my escape to the north. As I caught the wind's grasp and steadied the helm, bullets rained down on me as they drew near. Passing the Lagoon, I felt a shutter as my capstan was cursed and my sloop sat dead in the water. Fearing the painful death which awaited me, I fled for the shore, hoping to hide among the brush. In a matter of seconds they descended upon my unmanned vessel, rendering it a mere wreckage with cannon ball and keg. Counting the seconds as my heart pounded in my chest, I saw my Ashen savior upon the horizon. Flying the mark of the Ashen Dragon, the galleon flew on the winds towards my executioner, her top deck lit aflame as she roared towards her mark. Screaming and screeching my would-be killers flew to protect their ill-gotten horde. As it collided with the hull, it erupted forth into blooms of fire and explosions as the force of three MegaKegs tore through its belly rocking both ships, for my saviors had a death wish. Splintered and gutted both ships sank to the depths, the main mast of the Ashen Dragon collapsing in a salute as it sunk to its watery grave. With collector's chest in hand, I set it upon the beach, three ashen keys resting where their ship went down, a tribute for their sacrifice. As I regained my composure and retrieved my ship, I could just barely make out the silhouette of a galleon sitting upon the horizon, the fiery emblem of the Ashen Dragon burning proudly into the night.

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    For the past few weeks I have been holding giveaways at the end of my streams for someone in chat to hop onto my sloop and if they have a friend I leave the crew to give them both spots on my ship so that they may claim my days hoard of gold. At 7.8 million gold and 2.5k doubloons I find this to be much more rewarding than simply keeping it for myself. The reactions of the newer seafarers to the massive pile of loot on my boat is priceless. Tis the season of giving, and so far the biggest haul was 234 thousand gold and 435 doubloons that I was able to give away to a lucky sailer and his pal who had only been playing the game for a few weeks. My name is CerealBTW, and it’s my mission to make another pirates day. Here is a photo of my latest haul giveaway! alt text

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    @c-3-r-e-a-l https://gyazo.com/0a9fa49e14ffec3045b320b275dd5ba5

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    Ahoy Mateys!

    Starting back in July every couple weeks I put on an event over on Instagram called SOT Explorers (#SOTExplorers)
    Inspired by an event rare did a while back that sent pirates in search of player immortalizations to pose with and post on social media, SOTExplorers offers a fun competition where pirates are given a picture of a place, painting, statue or object on the sea of thieves along with a riddle to offer hints at the location. Some of the SOTE events offer optional additional challenges for seasoned pirates who are interested in increasing the difficulty for an additional drawing entry.

    The prizes are typically SOT Vinyl decals or patches I have made, all entries are entered into a random name picker and the winner and all participants entries are showcased in a congratulatory post on Instagram. One of my favorite parts about this competition is seeing all the different ways people view the same place or object via their submissions, the community gets super creative with it!

    Heres a link to the hashtag, check it out! :)

    Link to our latest contest announcement

    Link to the latest Congrats post

    -Captain Fishhook Cook

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    @fishhook-cook Awesome Competition put on but an Awesome Pirate! Nicely Done Fishhook Cook!

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    @fishhook-cook Fun, yet challenging competition! Fair with an awesome reward! Such a great idea! Thank you!

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    TPC's "Season of Thieves" Charity event is a must.

    They raised over 1500$ for Project Aware to keep the oceans clean.
    There were a lot of streamers involved and it was all in all a very sucessful event.

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