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November Edition
29th Nov
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Public Notices

Good Eating (and Fighting)

Pictured: dietitians make their way to the Sea of Thieves

The famed pirate Hitbotc has kindly created some handy charts for other pirates, detailing exactly how much harm various weapons can do and how quickly different foods can fix you up again in a pinch. If you’re worried about your eating habits, it could prove very useful!

The research shows that pineapple is mightily good for you, but who can resist the original lovely yellow banana?

Flameheart: a Hot Topic!

Pictured: the heart of the matter, or just hot gossip?

Many pirate scholars pore over the rumours and tomes of yesteryear to discover the truth behind the Sea of Thieves. Shillianth is one such truth-seeker, who has found and examined numerous clues to the history of Captain Flameheart.

Her research is insightful and chilling! We can only hope that Flameheart himself remains a figure of the past and that her research is purely academic…


The Fort and the Furious

Since the Fort of the Damned appeared, many pirates have written us worried letters about this new threat. Friends, fear not when we have the likes of Alactar!

This furious fighter repelled all waves of undead inhabitants a whopping 57 times in the first four weeks since the Fort arose – more than any other pirate! We can all sleep easier knowing that even the Shadows of Fate are no match for such battle-hardened buccaneers.

Pictured: Fort you had us on the run?


Clever Cannon Crafting

Pictured: perfect armament for a captain’s desk

We at the Pirate Times were highly impressed that 22Dragonboy, an oddly named pirate with incredible skills, had crafted and painted his very own Obsidian Cannon. It’s a popular armament design but crafting one is no easy feat, taking this artisan two weeks!

It’s unlikely that the local shipwrights will seek recompense for their designs being copied, however, as 22Dragonboy’s cannon is in fact a miniature.

Making a Splashtail

Pictured: the thin (fishing) line between love and hate

Pirate fisherfolk have a troubled relationship with the Ruby Splashtail. After catching your first 20 or so, it can be a drag having another one leap onto your line.

LadyTaneli, however, has expressed her love for the little red fish by capturing it in a splendid piece of artwork – which proved so popular, it was emblazoned onto items of clothing. That’s true piscine passion! And timely, with rumours of a celebratory Ruby Splashtail event coming to the seas…


Take Us Home, Country Waves

Pirates love a sing-song and few ditties hit the spot like ‘Country Waves’, by Snake Official and Captain Tenebreate. They even got several popular pirates including The Crow’s Nest, PhuzzyBond, NerdDings, Shefts Taverne, FoxDIE and others to lend their voices to a special performance.

It’s very slightly tongue-in-cheek but still makes us pine for the gentle shores of home. How about you?

Pictured: sing along, everybody! Oh, please yourselves


Tales of the Brethren

Pictured: sounds like trouble brewing…

Pirates with a taste for tales should know of The Brethren of the Coast, a ragtag group of storytellers who dedicate time to sharing the adventures and derring-do they experience on the Sea of Thieves.

Entitled ‘Letters of Marque and Reprisal’, the stories are led by SelcouthRogue and cover everything from Kraken clashes to explosive encounters. Gather round and hear him speak!

Cutthroats Pile ’em High!

Pictured: now that’s a haul we’d like to stumble across!

The gang of miscreants known only as the Cutthroat Pirates have been at it again, hoarding incredible amounts of loot to show off to lesser seafarers.

These determined pirates recently completed the fifth in their series of ‘Endless Voyages’, which culminated in 1489 items of loot hoarded in a 34-hour period! Clearly, a pirate can really strike it rich if they put in the work.

Local Business

Eat, Eat More and Be Merry

What does ‘The Tasty Crustacean’ bring to mind? Unexpected items in the angling area? The fear of an oversized crab spoiling for a fight? Well, it’s actually a new floating restaurant steered by the entrepreneurial Captn Reaver.

Pirates are invited to “eat, drink, and be merry upon our fine vessel without any fear of attack or food poisoning! (We are not responsible for alcohol poisoning.)” A wise disclaimer. Seek them out for a bite!

Pictured: meals on ship’s wheels, a fine business venture


Outpost Posters Posted

Pictured: that should encourage some tavern tourism!

Artistically inclined pirate JetOrchidee97 has created some lovely Outpost posters that really capture the essence of our new homes upon this strange sea.

We have here posters of Ancient Spire and Plunder Outpost, locations that never fail to take a pirate’s breath away. Feast your eyes upon them and you’ll be filled with pride and racing to the tavern in no time!

Uncharted... Uninhabited?

Pictured: masks prove annoyingly good at masking identities

The Pirate Times has been alerted to heightened activity and strange lights on an unnamed island east of Wanderer’s Refuge. Sightings of a masked individual visiting the island have made pirates passing through the area warier still...

Our investigations suggest that the stranger is showing an intense interest in the shipwreck at this location, but nothing more. We will report if any further developments come to light!