Festival Of Giving

December 16th – January 2nd

Even pirates like a little relaxation at the end of the year, and they’re not above throwing wild and colourful celebrations to do it. So was born the Festival of Giving! Don’t hesitate to join in these festivities packed with events and opportunities and rewards.

Welcome to the Festival

It’s that time of year again, friends! As 2022 draws to a close, the Sea of Thieves once more plays host to the Festival of Giving to celebrate all that’s been accomplished across another year of adventuring. There’s going to be a lot going on over the next few weeks, so here’s a handy guide to make sure you don’t miss out!

Tavern Decoration Stream

December 16th (6:15pm UTC)

The Festival begins! And this year we brought everyone together to kick things off with a livestream of the festive tavern lights being switched on. We also took the opportunity to look back over everything that this community has achieved in the last year and celebrated our shared accomplishments!

Your Story So Far

December 12th – January 11th (10am UTC)

A lot can happen in a year spent sailing the Sea of Thieves, and keeping track of everything you’ve achieved can be a challenge even for the most dedicated Logbook devotee. Not to worry though, we’ve been taking notes for you! Check out Your Story So Far for a selected statistical recap of your life of piracy.

The Orb Returns

December 16th – December 19th (10am UTC)

The mighty and powerful Orb has graced us with its presence once more! Not only is it going to be surfing the streaming seas with generous Drops, it’s sharing more lore hints as teasers for the year ahead. Even better, attentive players have the chance to track down their very own in-game Orb if they can follow the clues…

Twitch Drops

December 19th – January 2nd (10am UTC)

What would a Festival of Giving be without gifts? Tune in to any participating Sea of Thieves streamer on Twitch between the dates above and you’ll be able to unlock a wealth of in-game items from the Frozen Horizon set!

Gifts and Glory Weekend

December 23rd – December 26th (10am UTC)

In case those aren’t enough presents for you all, don’t forget Gifts & Glory Weekend! On top of a boost to gold and reputation gains, everyone who logs in during this window will receive a complimentary Gilded Voyage. Enjoy!


December 30th - January 2nd (10am UTC)

Did you think we’d forgotten about the annual madness that is Grogmanay? Not on your life! Complete grog-fuelled Challenges to unlock not only a special Firework Crate, but the greatest prize of all: a new notch on your trusty Grogmanay Tankard.

Emporium Sale

Be sure to visit the Emporium between December 23rd and January 3rd to explore our Holiday Sale! Lodestar and Frozen Horizon ship sets and weapons will be available at a discount, as will a splendid range of pets and hand-picked emotes. Treat yourself!