sea of thieves kicked problem

  • i just got like 7 chests and 3 skulls and then i got kicked out of the server and everything that i found is gone, it happens to me every time i play this game like every 30 minutes, can someone please help me i cant progress the game if it will keep on kicking me.. (playing on the pc)

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  • Ahoy @yellowgunny!

    Maybe this will help:

    otaku1101 said in Keep getting disconnected:

    So to fix several issues with the Teredo adapter you have to follow these steps:

    1. Make sure your router doesn't block the connection
    2. execute the following command:
      netsh interface ipv6 set teredo enterpriseclient
    3. disable the Teredo adapter with the following command:
      netsh interface Teredo set state disabled
    4. activate teredo:
      netsh interface Teredo set state default
    5. execute the following command again:
      netsh interface ipv6 set teredo enterpriseclient

    After this you should be able to obtain a stable connection
    Note: This all has to be done on the command prompt running as an administrator
    To see if it worked you can check it with
    netsh interface Teredo show state
    There shouldn't be any errors anymore

    There is also another possible solution:

    ruskor1337 said in Windows 10 XBox Live Disconnect every 15-25 minutes:

    At least we could fix it with the following:

    • disable IPv6 on your router settings -> completly!
    • after that check your connectivity in xbox app (settings-network) = NAT Type should be "open".
    • play the game!

    Let me know after you tried!

    PS: you dont need ipv6 as someone told me ;D

    I hope you can fix your problem :)

  • I still have not found a solution to this issue.. It is absolutely frustrating to get 45 mins into a crew haul and get disconnected when you have 10 skulls and/or chests on board and get absolutely nothing for them. This has happened to me repeatedly over the last week. I have tried numerous solutions and nothing is fixing this issue. Ive been live streaming this game and nothing makes me want to just close the game more than this nonsense. PLEASE FIX ASAP!

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    I have the same problem.

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