New To The Forums, Been Playing SoT For Awhile

  • Howdy!

    Just Poppin in to say hello officially. I've been playing Sea of Thieves for a while now, seeming to have decent sailing skills and ship combat. For a sloop.

    I'm in The Krakens Den alliance server for most LFC things and I'll be honest this game is better with friends. Just earlier today I was able to participate in a four ship alliance. All sloops but boy howdy did we look a menacin when we sailed to port!

    Looking to see how the forums life goes.
    Here's to it!

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  • @capt-prater Welcome to the SOT forum! I will be looking forward to your contribution.

    Just a reminder to read and respect the forum's rules:

  • Abhoy, welcome to the forum.

  • Hey feel free to add me if you want, played since early alpha and i love to do random stuff and have a good laugh.

  • Abhoy and welcome! Always nice to see another new Pirate grace these waters known as the forum!

  • @capt-prater Ahoy there! Welcome aboard... I see the landlubbers above have given you a hearty welcome. But, if there is anything you need help with just give us a shout!

  • Ahoy Capt Prater, welcome aboard.

  • @capt-prater

    Welcome to the Forum , it's great to read that you have fun and even more fun when your crew consists of greater numbers... i'm looking forward to read maybe some of your adventures , because you don't need to hold back or think that you need to be a professional writer to add some great Epical stories on this Forum...

    i would say : Go for it and let us enjoy your stories while memorizing our own hours of fame.

  • Thank you all for the warm welcome!
    I will be wandering these forums the next few days I look forward to make many a crewmate here.
    Gamertag is my screen name for anyone who wants to add me. DM for Discord!

  • Welcome fellow pirate! Would you let me join your alliance server so I can hijack it? :)

  • @capt-prater Have you joined the official Discord server for SoT? You can talk to many a person in there from the community, some even from this thread ;)

  • I am! I've been eagerly anticipating season 5!

  • Ahoy! The Crew and i are always happy to have more Sea dogs joining us! you see me online and I'm not in my crew at the time, feel free to shoot me a message!

  • 👋
    Gets a little hostile in here but usually non aggressive pvp vs pve vs pvpve hate lol.

  • @pithyrumble

    I can see that! I haven't been perusing as much as I'd like, but from what I can see, it's very interesting

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