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    Can i suggest a feature for a server choice option as default it seems to take me to an NYC US server, from UK/GB The reason why i ask for this becouse of the latency issues between UK/GB and US,

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  • I'd suggest running a vpn of some sort to connect to your chosen server

  • @hitthedunny
    Sorry i forgot to mention for the Xbox side of things where this isnt really possible unless via a Router, however i do believe running a VPN would increase the latancy what isnt good for Gaming. Im not talking about AU to US as this is a BIG spike of 350ms, Im talking about connecting from UK to either UK or EU servers without forcing anything, Also keep in mind that VPN IPs Geolocations isnt always right so this would be a bad idea.

  • @funkyfred1989

    It will connect you to your regions server so if you are in the UK/GB it should be connecting you to those servers.

    The only time it will move you is if you are joining someone elses ship or you have a friend in the US that is creating the ship and you guys are joining.

    How do you know its putting you in NYC in the first place?

  • @xultanis-dragon said in server location select option:

    How do you know its putting you in NYC in the first place?

    I can open my Draytek router page and i can see lots of current pockets going from the Xbox IP to Azure IP, If i traceroute this IP i can see the hops from London with 6ms and then to NYC with between 80-86ms
    No not joined any friends just a normal sloop and set sail as a closed crew.

    Can you change my post back to where this orginally was, you know why i cant discuss such infomation.

  • @funkyfred1989

    That is very strange. Wait, are you doing xbox server preference?

  • @xultanis-dragon
    No but where do i find the xbox server preference?

  • @funkyfred1989

    Its in the settings somewhere. Honestly I don't know because I don't have that option for PC.


    Hey can you help this guy with that? I don't know the exact location for the Opt Out preference, if you can help him.

  • Load game, go into settings, scroll down and you will see the options to opt out of crossplay for both Arena and Adventure if you wish to do so. This will only match you with Xbox Players using controllers for adventure 100%, but as the arena is quite terrible and not a huge amount of ppl play in it often, you might find yourself not always being with Xbox Players only, it will tell you as you enter the world in the top left corner.

    Edit: But as the game is rapidly loosing players, you might get matched all around the world still.

    This player counter has over halved in the last few months.

  • @xultanis-dragon @NeedSmokes
    Turning of the crossplay "Xbox Players using controllers" will match any server at any location, This not the same as selecting a server location option

  • @funkyfred1989

    It should always match you locally if you start your own session. I guess that also depends if many others are playing at the time.. I am in the UK and mostly get matched likewise, but I do also end up on a lot of German and French speaking servers..

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