Get Involved in This Year’s Festival of Giving! Starts December 16th onwards!

  • Grand Festival of Giving Switch-On

    We’ll be kicking things off this year with a lights switch-on! So that everyone can get involved, we’re hosting a livestream at 6:15pm UTC on December 16th, celebrating the community and looking back over the past year. Of course, the highlight will be the switching on of the seasonal in-game decorations! If you happen to be sailing the seas while the stream’s live, gather with your crew at the tavern on New Golden Sands Outpost to see the switch-on for yourselves. You can even have a grog while you’re there.

    Gifts & Glory Weekend

    No Festival of Giving would be complete without, well, giving, would it? Enter the Gifts & Glory Weekend, running from December 23rd-26th (10am UTC). Sail the Sea of Thieves during this time to earn boosted gold, reputation and Seasonal Renown for your exploits, and any pirates participating in the Battle for the Sea of Thieves will also gain increased Allegiance from their ship combat encounters.

    Pirate Emporium Holiday Sale

    Gilded Voyages and boosted gold aren’t the only incentives on offer. That’s where our Pirate Emporium sale comes in! From December 23rd to January 3rd, items throughout the store will be available at a discount, many with a frosty theme like the Frozen Horizon ship set and weapons and the full Lodestar collection. There’s also a clutch of seasonal emotes and a huge variety of pets including Collector’s pets to be had at bargain prices, so something for everyone!

    Twitch Drops


    And finally we come to the traditional end of any pirate’s year: Grogmanay. With six grog-based Challenges on offer, all players have to do is down a few pints and perform a range of feats before they sober up. Simple, right? In case the joy of participating isn’t enough for you, you’ll also be rewarded with gold and Renown for any tasks you manage to complete.

    Complete three or more and you can earn the Grogmanay Tankard, or a new noteworthy notch on your existing Tankard if it’s not your first time taking on this particular challenge. So drink up! The event will run from December 30th to January 2nd (10am UTC), and you’ll have to keep the grog flowing to be in with a chance. Good luck!

    And there we have it!

    Happy Grogmas to all!

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