Welcome to the Sea Dogs (AFK) Arena!!!

  • Ahoy ye bloomin cockroaches!!

    With the addition of all these miraculous milestones, what better way to get them done, AND make Demarco proud in the process... then to create AN AFK ARENA!!!! That's right folks, for no limited time at all (cause you'll be doing this for 2 years of your life) sail right over to the seadog tavern and hop into our scolding hottub where your pirate will learn what it feels like to burn... and NOT DIE!!! Next up we have the mouth of the Meg, where many a man have gone to rest... now you, yes YOU can sleep in our finest beds under the teeth of this ferocious beast.... (his tongue makes for nice cushioning...)

    Now if you thought that was all, you would be mistaken... remember that old stage that nobody used to use?? Well now you have incentive to play to your hearts content! With the new musical milestones... Need a drink? No problem!! With the unsinkable grog stash that demarco left us right before he went to be with the mermaids in the sky ( ;-; ) and best of all... There is NO LIMIT to how much time you can spend here... Lazy beard has no control over us party pirates, so turn on your monitors, fill up your tankard and watch you pitiful pirate parade the halls of the AFK ARENA!!! -batteris not included-

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  • @avacadobeard244 im sorry to tell you this if you dont demarco is dead

  • @alertedlime143 What...

  • This is both sarcastic and realistically possible at the same time and I love it.

  • @avacadobeard244 yep you can get his encahnted lantern

  • @alertedlime143 I am aware and I mentioned it it the post my g 😂

  • @sweetsandman as I was writing it I started to realize how actually amazing it sounds😂 maybe I just miss the arena tavern but still... it could also kind of emphasize the grief for demarco by having lesedi in the corner crying or drinking or something while the rest of us just waist our time farming milestones 😂

  • Its poetry at its finest

  • @avacadobeard244

    Hahaha !!! YES!

  • I was reading this with the trailer guy voice! XD

  • Proud to be the inspiration of this post. This is perfect.

  • DeMarco is not dead, he is just working on the sleeping milestone.

  • @sn0kanon said in Welcome to the Sea Dogs (AFK) Arena!!!:

    DeMarco is not dead, he is just working on the sleeping milestone.

    XD hahahah!!

  • Kind of wish Captaincy let us join a faux arena mode where we can (1v1) against other Captained ships.
    Got a grudge with a crew you keep running into to, challenge them to a battle in this "private server" where just your two crews can fight without worrying about things like loot and resources.

  • Unironically, if they put in some little minigames like chess or something, I'd dig it

  • @sn0kanon hes taking that serouilsy is going to change postion for the sitting one i might have to skip these milestones anyway he be looking kinda skinny i dont want to end like that

  • Well, as long as we can get the Sea Dog Tavern back…

  • @alertedlime143 I am waiting for him to wrap up the sleeping one and move on to the “minutes on fire” milestone. Ought to be any day now with the recent changes 😉

    I suspect what the Pirate Lord was doing in the vision was paying off the crew to make sure nobody woke DeMarco up. He is guilty… of contributing to milestone cheesing.

  • the doors locked tho

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