Hello there, im a new pirate ;3

  • Hello there, im a new pirate, i've been enjoying the game alot and even got to pirate legend in like 10 days ( just to get the white rose hair dye XD), what i notice about the game is that its kinda hard to get pretty character's i think i got a good looking one but not sure, to be honest its very hard to me since i have difficulty in my vision and in the character select i cant zoom in to look to the characters face, i decided to stay with this one and not risk it any longer so what are your opinions, i would like to know and any tips for a new player to game on what to do and stuff. ;3

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  • It's nice to have you here. I hope you enjoy your time and feel welcome while you contribute.

    My advice is find your piratical individuality. Follow your conscience if it directs you towards kindness and understanding. Play how you want, wear what you want. Embrace your freedom.

    Negativity can be temporary and positivity can be permanent.

    If you want the seas to be kinder, be kind

    You have no obligations as a pirate other than to follow the rules but your presence is powerful, remember that when you make decisions with or against others that share the environment with you.

    You'll figure out what to do with content, there is plenty to explore. You'll do awesome.

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    oh that was so sweet of u to say that thank you for the tip ;3

  • Welcome to the Seas, and kudos on grinding it out to Pirate Legend! Adventures on the Seas are what you make of them, the important thing is to have fun.

    My biggest tip is to always keep in mind that this is a session based game, so if you find yourself in any situations where you aren't having fun don't worry about losing loot or anything, you can always Scuttle (to stay on the same server but get out of the situation you're in) or hop to another server and get back to having fun.

    There is a lot of freedom on the Seas to have fun the way you like. Sometimes this will come into conflict with other players approaches - just don't stress it and move on to new horizons and adventures.

    If you haven't had a chance to yet while you were grinding out some Trading Companies, you might want to check out the Tall Tales - in particular if you like lore and story. These are big story driven voyages that you can take on and run through a narrative. You might also like Adventures - these are newer and are time limited, but keep the narrative of the Seas moving forward. Feel free to check them out and participate.

    If you're into having a little out of game action with your Adventures there is also the current Mystery underway (a murder mystery about figuring out who killed a prominent NPC). You could also start diving into that and working with the community to drive that narrative forward. Sometimes things can be found in game, sometimes on social media. There is a thread around here all about the current one.

    If you like to tackle more random objectives there are loads of Commendations to chase after and complete. You can find these in the Reputation Menus, each Faction has some and the Bilge Rats in particular have a boat load of them to try out. This can give you something random to try out while you sail the Seas. And of course there is also Achievement hunting as well. There is a pretty good list of those you can review and try to crack out.

    But, again, the main idea is to make sure you're having fun out there regardless of what you're trying to do. I wish you the best in all of your piratical endeavors!

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    Thank you, i will ^^

  • So i wasnt quite sastified about my pirate looks so i reroll and now im happy she looks normal and pretty what u guys think? / also altough i love pink i didnt like how the eyeborw look its too light makes it look like she has no eyeborws so ill stick with the black)

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  • here's with a dif shirt i think i like this one better
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  • @nikita-amarie said in Hello there, im a new pirate ;3:

    So i wasnt quite sastified about my pirate looks so i reroll and now im happy she looks normal and pretty what u guys think? / also altough i love pink i didnt like how the eyeborw look its too light makes it look like she has no eyeborws so ill stick with the black)

    She's got an Anjelica Huston vibe to her which can only reasonably be seen as a compliment.

    In 1984 she was in a movie called The Ice Pirates around the time she looked the most like your pirate.

  • Welcome to the Seas! ♥

  • Welcome! :)

  • Welcome to the community! Feel free to add me at BigPete7978 :)

  • @nikita-amarie Ahoy!
    Welcome to the Sea of Thieves!
    I haven't been on the forums long, and have only been playing a few months---But aside from some real Mic Scoundrels if you will, this has been one of the best communities I've been a part of!
    Sea of Thieves is a truly remarkable experience and is better when we all help each other out! One way I like to try and be a Good Community Member is before each session end I Collect all my supplies and leave it outside the Tavern Door for new folks to find free goods!

    We may be Pirates, but we are also Gamers and its important to all do our part to welcome new players to the Seas to keep our Community--and Game-- Happy, Healthy Friendly and Thriving for all!

    My Current Look
    Leaving Free Supplies outside Taverns

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