[MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.13 - Heart of Fire Discussion & Feedback

  • Hello. I am experiencing a very serious issue with the new tall tale The Heart of Fire. I completed every commendation for the Heart of Fire Tall tale and in the tall tales it says I unlocked the Ashen Curse. But the notification never came up on my screen saying it was added to vanity chest and when I look in my vanity chest it is not there. This is especially annoying because I missed the first journal down the king path and had to do the tall tale an extra time to get it. So just to be clear. I completed the Heart of Fire 4 times, got all the journals and relics and it says I unlocked the Ashen Curse But low and behold! I never got the Ashen Curse! Please fix this issue! I want that Ashen Curse! I earned it!

  • Put some content in the game please, like Story mission (not tall tale), a quest quick button maybe: J and add some skills points or upgradeable weapons because the game has no point and after I did all the Tall Tales I don't want to play because there is no goal for me. Please do it! I would like more people in my crew like 6 party size.

  • @gergoszarka Im glad you arent in charge of Rare

  • When exiting the gold hoarder tall tale there is a spot in the stairs that gets you stuck and forces a respawn on your boat. This lead to me and my crew mate losing the skull as he was unable to pick it up without getting stuck himself after I dropped it. Can you please look into a fix for this or cause stuck respawns to keep any item you are holding. I have video evidence to show my respawn without the skull.

  • I have the perfect addition for music for the instruments in the game: Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys!!! Please?!

  • Playing dice with crewmates!!! :)

  • It would be nice if there was an option to turn off the instructional prompt when fishing, i get that it is good for new players, but as an 'experienced' player i find the prompt annoying and it just gets in the way

  • I would really love to see an update where we could possibly get different types of boats as a choice as well as size like maybe some that look like old chinese sail boats or something else, I think it would add a lot more to the game

  • @grievousninja1 Or even viking ships that would be cool too

  • would love to see a way to be able to buy a crate filled with cannonballs, wood, and fruit cause its such a pain to go island to island and not find anything also this would give the game a good money sink it would probably be much more common to see naval combat instead of the constant boarding and to make people still want go to island and look for stuff would be stuff like chain shot, cursed balls, better food

  • Maybe one day the Captain Briggsy boss fight will get updated so it's not a absolute nightmare to fight her with 3 or more players.

  • You should add burying your own loot and the ability to create a treasure map to that loot in the
    event that you are on a sloop and getting attacked one can grab what he or she can and stash it. The catch would be that the player has to pick a good landmark and pacing to hide it and then a mini treasure map creator to help them when they come back to dig it back up.. I dunno figured a huge part in being a pirate is the burying loot instead of just digging it up. I feel it would add a really cool element to the game.

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