Double Rewards Week

February 20th – February 27th

Riches abound! For an entire week, the Trading Companies and Factions are taking it in turns to offer double rewards for loot handed in and battles fought. Check the schedule to find out where the bonuses can be found each day, and get earning!

A Boost Every Day

The journey to becoming a Pirate Legend can be a long one – but Double Rewards Week is here to help, with twice the usual amount of gold and reputation on offer almost every day, plus bonus Renown and Allegiance up for grabs later in the week. The Trading Companies and Factions will be rolling out the boosts on different days, so dive in as often as you like to reap those rewards!

Gold Hoarders

February 20th (00:00-23:59 UTC)

Always first in line when there’s treasure involved, the Gold Hoarders have claimed the Monday slot to kick things off.

Order of Souls

February 21st (00:00-23:59 UTC)

Budding bounty hunters will want to visit their local mystic on Tuesday to cash in on the Order of Souls’ increased rewards.

Merchant Alliance

February 22nd (00:00-23:59 UTC)

Chief Trader Mollie has scheduled the Merchant Alliance in for Wednesday. Make your deliveries on time and you’ll be swimming in gold and reputation.

The Hunter’s Call

February 23rd (00:00-23:59 UTC)

After a hectic first few days, Thursday is the time to sit back and relax with a fishing rod in your hand as The Hunter’s Call take their turn.

Guardians and Servants

February 24th (00:00-23:59 UTC)

As the Battle for the Sea of Thieves rages on, participants in Faction battles will be able to earn double Allegiance throughout Friday.

Gold and Glory

February 25th (00:00 UTC) – February 27th (23:59 UTC)

Capping off the week is Gold & Glory Weekend! All gold and reputation rewards are doubled, with bonuses to Renown and Allegiance too.