Cast your mind back to those blurry days before Sea of Thieves' launch, more specifically last month's Final Beta, and you may remember our #BeMorePirate screenshot contest where you could get your hands on a highly desirable Xbox Wireless Controller – Sea of Thieves Limited Edition.

We had nine of these treasures up for grabs, and to be in the running all you had to do was send us a shot from your Sea of Thieves adventures that scored highly in the following categories:

• Creativity
• Expression of the concept "Be More Pirate"
• Originality

And you rose to the occasion in your hundreds. This led to long sessions of deliberation for us here at Rare and a gradual whittling down to nine winners. The process involved some raised voices and impassioned arguments, but mercifully no table-vaulting bouts of meeting room violence.

The following pirates with an eye for composition (or simply a knack for nailing a screenshot in a perilous situation) have already received their prizes, but we wanted to spread the love by sharing their winning entries. So enjoy these snapshots from nine very different voyages on the Sea of Thieves!

"When your crew leaves you but the love of the sea compels you to stay." (Hector G)

"I helped hold the sneeze of the legendary skull cloud. It's a sloppy job but someone has to do it!" (Leroy L)

"Boarded this wrecked ship to find a portrait of this gent. Wonder who he was and what adventures he had before meeting the end." (Crystal M)

"Nothing is more pirate than this..." (Gabriel A)

"Share a pint fellas?" (Dagon B)

"We looted & plundered & sunk many ships & stashed the loot in this 'hidden' underwater cave. Treasure fit for a king!" (James J)

"Sure X marks the spot, but can't make it there without a little gun safety training." (Taylor J)

"Be MORE Pirate ye say? Yarrr how be 200+ cages more!" (Corey F)

"The true meaning of honor among Thieves!" (Journey F)

Thanks to everyone who entered, you set a high standard and some tough calls had to be made! Our full list of winners:

Hector G from the USA
Leroy L from the UK
Crystal M from the USA
Gabriel A from the USA
Dagon B from the USA
James J from the USA
Taylor J from the USA
Corey F from Australia
Journey F from the USA