With Cursed Sails looming on the horizon, pirates across the Sea of Thieves are preparing their ships for what could be their most haunting battle yet. As tattered sails and battered bows emerge from the depths, co-operation may just be in everyone’s best interests.

In our latest Behind the Scenes video, we touch upon the details of an incoming feature that will rattle the bones of those pesky skeleton ships: Alliances.

Sailing in with the same howling winds as the Cursed Sails content update, Alliances will enable crews to team up with other ships they come across. Raise your pennant flag and signal that you wish to form an Alliance. If the feeling is mutual you’ll be able to buddy up with other crews to share loot, Voyages and common goals (such as sending those skeletal menaces back into the drink).

Go Behind the Scenes with Windows 10 Design Lead Ted Timmins and Gameplay Programmer Topher Winward to learn more about Alliances:

Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Alliances

Dauer 5:26

So what say you? Parley? We hope so, we’re not sure if we fancy taking pot-shots at those terrifying skeleton ships alone.

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