Why Do PC players deal more damage

  • I was playing on Xbox and came across some Pc players and they could literally one shot me with a pistol from 10 yards away. And it takes me 2 shots and 3 sword swings to kill them. Can someone explain

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  • PC players deal no more damage!

  • @bugaboo-bill but why tho,should my gal cannon do more damage then a sloop???

  • @bugaboo-bill ![alt text](image url) Well they did more damage they could kill me with one shot from a pistol I cant

  • @sarge-cla now you mentioned the pistol... Weirdly the other day we ha a situation of a PC player using the pistol as well and seemed really good with that....it was the only weapon used and Never missed a shoot, and we all died to this player.

  • @sarge-cla or you got shot by two people at once

  • Ahoy there! There is no difference in damage. I am lead to believe you were already damaged, you got shot by more than 1 pirate or there is extra damage for headshot. Unsure about the last one though.

  • @sarge-cla 2 of them shot you at the same time, or its a bug. its not a pc related thing either

  • @mad-jack-ketch there are no headshots

  • @mad-jack-ketch There is no extra damage in this game for headshots. I'd be willing to bet your first two assumptions are correct. He most likely was shot by two players or had low health to start. The pistol only does 50 damage (full player health is 100).

  • Solution go buy mouse and keyboard for your Xbox. That is really only advantage for the PC players

  • @sarge-cla We have a button on our keyboard that allows us to turn up how much damage we do. (Joke)

  • @nathanuserectus *sigh well I laughed, but people will actually believe you.

    @Deckhands can we get a lock? Completely apart from being misinformation, this belongs in the mega-thread.

  • @vorondil1 There I fixed it ;) also..I am sorry I could not help myself...like who really thinks players on pc can just run faster..hit harder..see through walls..? I understand there are some hackers on pc..but why do I feel like most players think 95% of us are hackers? lol

  • @nathanuserectus On xbox, if you spam Select Down Down A A you deal significantly less damage.

  • @xzodeak We killed everybody on the ship not to mention it was the majority of the server doing this.

  • @king-kobra-05 lol I played Sot with mouse and keyboard on my Xbox just for shots and giggles. It's horrible the mouse feels so wrong at 30 fps, also I couldn't use any of my extra mouse buttons.

  • @sarge-cla weird, it should take two only two shots from the flintlock. i think two people shot you at once. but loading up when you find a mermaid or you leave the ship of the damned takes forever, my ship sinks by the time i respawn usually (i play solo)

  • @king-kobra-05 dude thank you bro I might just do that now cuz I've always wanted to play the game on the PC but I dont have one lol

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